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Automation Tester (QTP/UFT) Assessment
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Automation Tester (QTP/UFT) Assessment

Automation tester (QTP/UFT) assessment helps recruiters evaluate QTP automation skills of candidates in quick time period before the interview. Our customers are able to reduce hiring cost by 40% using this assessment.

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Automation Tester (QTP/UFT) Assessment

QuickTest Professional (QTP)/ Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is an automated functional testing tool. The tool helps testers to execute automated tests in order to identify any errors, defects or gaps contrary to the expected results of the application under test.

Automation tester (QTP/UFT) assessment is designed and validated by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess and hire QTP Automation testers as per the industry standard.

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Test Summary

Automation Tester (QTP/UFT) Assessment helps to screen candidates who possess traits as follows:

  • Clear vision of understanding how action calls works
  • Excellent knowledge of analog testing
  • Good hand-on experience with API testing
  • Strong knowledge of GUI testing

With this assessment recruiter/hiring managers can access comprehensive reports for each candidate that will help to overview candidate’s performance in each section at a glance. Moreover, Test Insights section helps to identify job -fit candidates more accurately with score distribution and  section analysis features.

With role-based access control, you can now maintain security within your account by providing access to each user based on their established role. Moreover, with the help of our advanced cheating prevention tools, candidates can take the assessment from anywhere in the comfort of their time zone.

This test may contain MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQs (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blanks, Whiteboard Questions, Audio / Video Questions, AI-Logic Box (AI-based Pseudo-Coding Platform), Coding Simulators, True or False Questions, etc.

Useful for hiring
  • Automation Tester Expert
  • Automation Analyst
  • Automation Tester Consultant
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Topics Covered

Action Calls

This test helps recruiters in understanding a candidate’s skill of using Action Calls to divide scripts into groups of QTP statements.

Analog Testing

This test helps recruiters to assess the candidate's skill of recording the user actions of the application under test so that UFT automatically generates the scripts that can be played back.

API Testing

This test helps recruiters to analyze a candidate’s skill to Perform API Testing for any application with ease and efficiency and set up checkpoints for testing.

GUI Testing

This test helps recruiters to understands’ candidates skill of ensuring the functionalities of software application as per specifications by checking screens and controls like menus, buttons, icons, etc.


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Object Repository


Q 1. The following statement identifies a particular product name from a
web table.

Set TableDesc = Browser("ABC Shopping").Page("ABC
Shopping").WebTable("XYZ PRODUCT").GetTOProperties

Which method is used to retrieve the list of properties and values?
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