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C# 6.0 test

iMocha’s C# 6.0 online test is the ideal pre-hire test for recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates objectively. This test is useful for hiring job roles such as C# Developer, C# Programmer, ASP.Net C# Developer, Software Engineer - C#, Full Stack Developer - C#, AI Developer - C#, Data application Developer - C#, and API Engineer - C#. Our online C# 6 test helps to reduce hiring cost by 40% and increases increase interview-to-selection ratio by 62%.

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C# 6.0 Online Skills Assessment Test

Microsoft developed C# in 2000 as a strong-typed, object-oriented language. C# runs over the .Net Framework using CLR and DLR, and has a strong and extensive library. C# with Visual Studio provides the best intellisense feature, which supports rapid application development and allows the developer to focus on business logic rather than remembering syntax and library functions.

The test is composed of challenging questions that showcase know-how of algorithms, mathematics, in-built features, and libraries in C#.  The difficulty of the questions is set to match an intermediary (moderate) experienced candidate who can score well in the provided time. The C# 6.0 online test helps tech recruiters & hiring managers to assess the programming skills of a candidate before an interview effectively. The test is designed by Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess & hire C# developers as per industry standards. Check out this comprehensive guide to hire C# developers and simplify your hiring process significantly.

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Test Summary

The C# 6 assessment test helps to screen candidates for the following:

  • Familiarity with data structures and custom algorithms, dynamic programming, and system programming like memory, processes, etc.
  • Ability to work on object-oriented programs and build structured algorithms for systems and applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of using the extensive library of C#.

The online C# 6 test contains a coding simulator that automatically evaluates and provides a score for the candidate's written codes by compiling multiple test cases that generate a discrete output. A detailed report for each test case execution is generated along with execution-time and execution memory usage for the program written by the candidate. The Code-Replay feature records the coding screen of the candidate to enable the reviewer to understand the coding and thinking patterns of the candidate.

This C# 6 interview test may contain coding questions and innovative LogicBox (an AI-based pseudo coding platform) questions to assess a candidate's coding skills in a fun & quick way. Take a look at this C# developer job description template that can assist you in crafting a clear and concise job listing to identify the ideal candidate.

Useful for hiring
  • C# Developer
  • C# Programmer
  • ASP.Net C# Developer
  • Software Engineer - C#
  • Full Stack Developer - C#
  • AI Developer - C#
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String interpolation

iMocha’s C# 6.0 online test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidates understanding about string interpolation that allows to format and manipulate strings in C#.

Null conditional operator

This test gauges candidate’s knowledge about Auto-property initialization feature in C# 6.0 that helps to initialize properties without creating a constructor.

Expression-bodied members

This assessment helps to evaluate candidate’s knowledge of the expression-bodied method that makes the type members, such as Constructor, Destructor, Methods, Property, Indexer to be defined as a single expression.

Exception filters

Our test checks an applicant’s knowledge of the exception filters feature which helps to specify a condition along with a catch block.

Auto-property initialization

This test gauges a candidate’s knowledge of the auto-property initialization feature in C.

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string interpolation


You have the following code. How many times will the compiler evaluate person.GetFullName()?

emailBody = $ "Good morning
}, blah blah blah,

would you like to play a game?";


  • Twice
  • Once
  • The compiler evaluates the variable depending on the way it is called.
  • None of the options.
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