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Agile Testing Skills Assessment Test
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Agile Testing Skills Assessment Test

This skill test helps you hire skill-fit candidates quickly and create effective learning and development programs. Furthermore, using this test, you can easily assess skills such as Agile Metrics and Reporting, Test Automation Skills, and more.

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What is Agile Testing?

It is a software testing approach aligned with the principles of Agile development methodologies. It emphasizes adaptive planning, continuous collaboration, and frequent feedback throughout the software development lifecycle.

Why use iMocha's Agile Testing skills test?

This skill test enables recruiters and L&D managers to screen and assess individuals' technical and non-technical skills effectively. It covers questions about Agile Metrics, Reporting, API, Web Services Testing, and more. Moreover, its test analytics functionality allows you to evaluate your applicant pipeline, measure test performance, and examine invitation data to make informed talent decisions.

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How it works

Test Summary

This assessment helps to screen the following capabilities:

  • Understanding Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, and being familiar with Agile values and principles.
  • Knowledge of various testing techniques, including but not limited to exploratory testing, risk-based testing, user acceptance testing, and regression testing.
  • Experience in test automation and proficiency in using relevant tools and frameworks such as Selenium, Cucumber, or JUnit.
  • Ability to break down user stories into testable tasks, identify dependencies, and prioritize testing activities based on business value and risk.
  • Understanding of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and being able to integrate testing activities into the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Knowledge about testing metrics and being able to track and report relevant data.
  • Flexibility to respond to changing requirements and priorities.

Moreover, this test also features multiple-anti cheating protocols to assist talent managers in making informed hiring and training decisions.

Useful for hiring
  • Agile Tester
  • Agile Test Engineer
  • Scrum Tester
  • Agile QA Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer (with Agile focus)
  • Agile Test Lead
  • Agile Test Analyst
  • Agile Test Manager
  • Agile Test Coach
  • DevOps Test Engineer (with Agile expertise)
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How is this skill test customized?
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Whether you are looking to hire or upskill professionals, iMocha's test can help you shortlist the best match for the job. The customizable feature includes assessing existing and potential employees' primary and secondary skills through a single assessment. It contains questions on Agile Metrics and Reporting, Test Automation Skills, and more. In fact, you also get to choose which question type you want to utilize to gain more insight into individuals' capabilities.

What are the most common interview questions related to Agile Testing?
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Here are some common interview questions related to this field:

  • What is Agile testing, and how does it differ from traditional testing approaches?
  • What are Agile methodology's key principles and values, and how do they impact testing?
  • Explain the concept of user stories and how they influence Agile testing.
  • How do you ensure that testing is integrated into Agile development cycles?
  • What is the role of a tester in an Agile team, and how do you collaborate with developers and other team members?

If you need to create a custom set of questions, iMocha can personalize them to meet your specific needs.

What are the required skillsets to work in this domain?
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Here are some essential skills required for this field:

Technical Skills:

  • Test Automation
  • Test Design and Execution
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • API and Web Services Testing
  • Test Management

Non-Technical Skills:

  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking
  • Time Management and Prioritization
  • Attention to Detail