Virtual University Hiring

Overcome university recruitment challenges by remotely assessing job-readiness of recent graduates during virtual campus hiring drives.

AI-powered digital skills assessments

We help you build a scalable and cost-efficient university recruitment strategy

Whether you are conducting virtual career fairs or campus hiring drives, our end-to-end university recruitment solution helps you assess and hire the best graduates from universities across the globe


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Our teams often received poor candidate feedback owing to some proctoring measures that slowed the system. With a simple combination of image and window locking, we were able to ensure test integrity and yet have provide better candidate experience.

- Capgemini
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Transform your University Recruitment Strategy

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Assess job-readiness of graduates effortlessly

Create customized assessments or use pre-built ones to evaluate job-readiness of graduates during virtual university hiring or campus hiring drives. Our easy-to-use platform helps you launch hiring drives in just a few clicks.

Along with technical skills, industry best practices recommend conducting Cognitive Ability and English Proficiency assessments to identify job-readiness of candidates.

Every skill and question is carefully vetted and benchmarked by industry experts so that you get the highest accuracy while assessing them.

Ensure test integrity with AI-enabled proctoring

With our class-leading AI-enabled proctoring measures, you don’t have to worry about any malpractices during virtual campus recruitment drives. Our platform has built-in:

  • Real-time image, video, and audio capturing with analysis
  • IP restriction and window lock
  • Multiple parameters for suspicious activities

So, whether you are a recruiter or a hiring manager, our university recruitment solution offers complete peace of mind with its comprehensive suite of proctoring measures.

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"We hired 4 candidates in a single day at University Drive. Before using iMocha, university drives were a nightmare for us, arranging the logistics, getting the team together, it was tedious. With iMocha this process has streamlined and our reach has widened."

- Avaya
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Eliminate scheduling conflicts with remote video assessments

If you want to conduct an automated video interview or a live interview or a live coding interview, our video interview platform is geared to deliver exceptional candidate and interviewer experience.

  • Live Coding Interview platform to assess them on 25+ programming languages with 1,500+ coding problems in real-time
  • Remotely assess communications skills by leveraging automated and live video interview
  • Time bound assessments for better evaluation

Customized portal for candidates

Our customized candidate portal helps you engage with students even before they graduate. Identify top performers in your talent pool and add them to your talent pool for future recruitment needs

  • Self assessment portal with advanced employer branding
  • In-depth skills report to identify the crème de la crème
  • Candidates can earn badges to identify their skill levels

The portal also gives the candidates the liberty to select and take assessments based on their preferences and/or in accordance with their career path.

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“University Hiring comes with its fair share of hassles and we were a bit skeptical when the process moved completely online. However, iMocha ensured that our virtual university hiring process was butter smooth. We are very happy with the tool.”

- Coupa
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Bias free assessments

All our 100,000+ questions are EEOC-compliant that make sure there is no room for bias during the screening process. We also ensure each question is thoroughly vetted by experts to eliminate any subconscious bias and ensure 100% objectivity while screening students during university hiring drives.

  • EEOC compliant questions for 2,000+ skills to ensure diversity in hiring
  • Each question is vetted thoroughly for any biases

In an age where Diversity and Inclusion is one of the major focus areas of companies, bias free assessments play a big role in the hiring process.

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With iMocha, privacy and security compliances are guaranteed


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