iMocha’s university hiring solution

Execute bias-free, scalable campus recruitment drives and hire a diverse group of graduates.
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Screen up to 50 000 graduates simultaneously
iMocha’s university hiring offers scalability. With iMocha, you can reach out to more universities with less effort and can screen up to 50,000 graduates simultaneously.
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Reduce bias and promote diversity
Get access to EEOC-compliant 200 000+ questions across 2500+ skills. By anonymizing candidate PII and automating the process, each question is rigorously evaluated for any subconscious bias, ensuring 100% objectivity while screening candidates during campus hiring drives.
Schedule remote interviews
Your hiring teams can collaborate to conduct interviews from anywhere in the world.
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Get detailed reports of your campus drives
iMocha provides detailed insights across your entire recruitment funnel. Get reports for individual grads and also compare your performance across different campus drives.
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Prevent cheating and detect frauds
Ensure 100% integrity during assessments with candidate ID verification, smart video proctoring, and safe assessment browser.
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Customized portal for candidates
Our customized candidate portal helps you engage with students even before they graduate. Identify top performers in your talent pool and add them to your talent pool for future recruitment needs
  • Self assessment portal with advanced employer branding
  • In-depth skills report to identify the crème de la crème
  • Candidates can earn badges to identify their skill levels
The portal also gives the candidates the liberty to select and take assessments based on their preferences and/or in accordance with their career path.
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Brewing together with iMocha

50,000+ concurrent assessments

3 million+ assessments per year

2500+ skills

iMocha has the largest skill
library in the world

500+ customers with us

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
and global enterprises
"We are looking at Millennials- they use technology extensively. We did not want to fall behind in the talent race only due to tedious hiring processes. iMocha helped us conduct campus recruitment with ease. We successfully conducted 5+ campus drives this year and have hired top talent."

Shraddha Patil,

Head- Human Resources,
Digite Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
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