Revolutionize hands-on technical skills evaluation with iMocha projects

Say hello to automated way to
assess practical tech skills

Introducing iMocha Projects — a powerful, easy-to-use simulation platform designed to automate and evaluate practical skills of technical & developer talent for real-world scenarios. Empowered with an objective, accurate, time and cost-effective way, you can streamline your technical hiring process, improve experiential learning and make better talent decisions.

Project Delivery Leaders

  • Validate hands-on skills
  • Plan your projects effectively
  • Enjoy faster time-to-deploy
  • Reduce security risks

Recruitment & Hiring Teams

  • Improve quality of technical hires
  • Ensure faster time-to-hire
  • Improve candidate experience
  • Make data-driven hiring

Talent Development Teams

  • Get data-driven skill gap analysis
  • Ensure objective TNI & TNA
  • Measure training effectiveness
  • Improve experiential learning
increase in hands-on skills for developer talent
improved client satisfaction with project readiness
faster deployment of new hires & fresh graduates

Power day-to-day tasks with
real-world simulations

  • Automated scoring helps you operate at scale and save time compared to manual efforts
  • Higher accuracy and reliability to objectively assess hands-on practical skills quickly and efficiently
  • Seamless integration with popular ATS, LMS, LXP, HRMS, HRIS, eLearning platforms & more
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports to make smart hiring, training & deployment decisions.
  • Better experience with web-based IDE recreating familiar working environment for developers
  • Highly intuitive interface to objectively assess practical skills on each layer of software technology

Fulfil all your project
readiness needs

Hire skilled developers for effective project delivery

Know whether a candidate can perform under the pressure and demands of projects in your business, by assessing them in familiar project environments.

Measure training effectiveness & close skill gaps with experiential learning

Measure the learning outcomes of training programs and optimize hands-on technical trainings, with skill insights & skill benchmarking of your workforce.

Tap into bench strength utilization with enhanced hands-on skills

Identify skill gaps of bench strength and conduct targeted training to ensure unrealised business opportunities by deploying technical talent in projects.

Track training progress of fresh talent for project readiness

Measure training effectiveness & project readiness of fresher talent. Identify talent who have high proficiency in hands-on tech skills for deploying on projects.

Scale university campus hiring with automated project assessments

Streamline and scale campus hiring for thousands of students simultaneously with seamless, automated assessment experience on real-world technical skills.

Engage with budding talent from colleges  with real industry challenges

Utilize real-world projects, technical challenges for pre-joining programs. Get insights into skills of students and know their readiness for business projects.

Attract the best of the best talent during hackathons with project simulations

Identify champion developers out there to solve real-world challenges by executing industry projects, where they can flex their hands-on skills and show full potential.

Real-world projects for
critical job roles

  • Access a library of project-based assessments, take-home assignments, challenges, customizable projects
  • Get a wide range of skills including Jupyter, Angular, React.JS, Node.js, Django,  Java, AWS, GCP, Azure & more
  • Covers critical job roles relevant to business:
Front-end Developer
Back-end Developer
Full-stack Developer
Database Engineer
Data Science

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Loved by Our Customers

“The complete cycle took less than 30 days to onboard a technical role candidate with hands-on skills. Normally it used to take lot of time in finding the skilled candidates iMocha has helped reduce the initial toil for our aggressive hiring needs. The assessment reporting dashboard helps us take faster decisions. It saved a lot of time for our panel members and helped to meet our profile filtering for candidates with practical skill application.”
Talent Acquisition Leader from a Major Australian
Telecommunications Organization