Episode 4 - How L&D professionals can move from being order takers to strategic partners

Details of the Episode

In this episode of the L&D Cafe - Pranav Kale, Senior copywriter at iMocha speaks with Mr Sunny Verma Group head- Learning and OD, JBM Group about why L&D professionals should focus on being a strategic partner rather than just a order taker. He talks about the kirkpatrick model, the 70,20,10 rule, the tricks for evaluation and a lot more.

Chapters with Timestamps

00:00-02:17   Introduction

02:17-06:57   Hammer and nails

06:57-09:22   Strategic mindset

09:22-13:35   Business Acumen

13:45-19:25   Tactical DIagnosis

19:25-25:17   Big Picture Thinking

25:17-29:40   70,20,10 Rule

29:40-38:25   Measuring ROI

38:25-40:34   Models for measuring ROI

40:34-42:14   Upgrade and Update

42:14-43:30   Conclusion

An edited transcript of their conversation is as follows.