Episode 1 - A Human Centric Approach To Learning & Development

Details of the Episode

In this episode of L&D Cafe - Pranav Kale, Senior copywriter at iMocha speaks with Sujit Karpe, Co-founder and CTO at iMocha about the human-centric approach that is important in learning and development programmes and how we can incorporate it.

Chapters with Timestamps

0:00-2:08   Introduction

2:08-3:54   Humans first everything else later

3:54-6:14   Is humanity ROI positive?

6:14-9:07   Business or skill improvement?

9:07-11:07   Greed and Fear

11:07-14:49   The concept of Fun Learning

14:49-16:30   Employee marketing

16:30-21:18   Digitisation Vs Humanity.

21:18-24:17   Creating a learning programme

24:17-28:20   Gamifying assessment

28:20-31:10   Rewarding Achievements

31:10-36:10   Conclusion

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