Episode 3 - Creating a learning experience that matters

Details of the Episode

In this episode of the L&D Cafe - Pranav Kale, Senior copywriter at iMocha speaks with Travis Wilson, Senior Management, Learning & Development about his approach to create a balanced learning program that is beneficial for bit organisation and its employees. He talks about gaining participants' trust, empathy, the Importance of assessments, How L&D leaders can improvise their programs and a lot more.

Chapters with Timestamps

00:00-01:11   Introduction

01:11-08:46   What’s Broken in L&D?

08:46-14:22   Participant's Enrollment

14:22-18:01   Organisation Vs Employee

18:01-22:54   2 weeks rule

22:54-24:53   Empathy

24:53-33:17   Order takers to strategic partners.

33:17-35:50   Earning the trust of leaders

35:50-41:33   Earning the trust of learners

41:33-47:22  Self Empowered Learning

47:22-51:18   Are Assessments Necessary?

51:18-55:12   Evaluation through projects

55:12-56:26   Conclusion

An edited transcript of their conversation is as follows.