Episode 2 - The best practices to improve L&D experience for employees

Details of the Episode

In this episode of the L&D Cafe - Pranav Kale, Senior copywriter at iMocha speaks with Dr Kshitij Deshmukh leading Learning and Development Practice at iMocha about his approach to create more engaging Learning and Development programs. He talks about LMSs, Learning Experience Platforms or LXPs, the varying attention spans of the employees and how learning and development can actually be like a Netflix experience for them, bite-sized learning, and a lot more.

Chapters with Timestamps

0:00-2:54   Introduction

2:54-5:12   Employee experience matters

5:12-6:32   Impact on ROI

6:32-10:24   Developing Interests

10:24-14:36   One shoe does not fit all

14:36-17:24   Personalised Learning

17:24-19:10   Bite-Size Content

19:10-22:47   Learning as a flow of work

22:47-27:20   Right content

27:20-30:00   LMS vs LXP?

30:00-35:06   Takeaways

An edited transcript of their conversation is as follows.