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Enterprise grade platform to help enterprises assess and hire talent at scale

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Enterprise hiring made simple – hiring decisions happen 3x faster with iMocha

Manage your users’ access with single sign on

Enterprises use many services with many end-users. It is nearly impossible to manage hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of users across tens or hundreds of different applications. For this reason, iMocha provides enterprises with the single-sign-on feature with Google to manage the provisioning, de-provisioning, and permissions of accounts.

Eliminate the hassles of maintaining different usernames and credentials and login securely to your iMocha account with OAuth 2.0.

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secure and easy access

Make data-driven decisions with AI-powered Analytics

Eliminate guesswork from your hiring decisions with a host of recruitment analytics and intuitive dashboards. Our class-leading suite of reporting and analytics is designed to give you actionable insights to evaluate candidate as well as recruiter performance. Evaluate your candidate pipeline, measure test performance, and analyze invitation data as well. You also get in-depth reports to measure candidate engagement and determine recruiter or interviewer’s effectiveness.

Our solution also captures individual feedback from multiple interviewers to give you a thorough assessment of a candidate’s performance. You can also build custom reports to slice-and-dice data the way you want and make data-driven decisions.

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"Identifying the right candidate remotely took a lot of our time, considering how each seemed to have different levels of skills and expertise. iMocha helped us to transform our remote hiring strategy and cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40%, making it our preferred assessment software."

- Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager

Say hello to seamless plug-and-play integrations

Leverage our ready integrations with top ATS such as iCIMS, Workday, Taleo, Lever and more to streamline your hiring activities. All the vital information a recruiter needs about a candidate, from application to evaluation, will be at their fingertips with iMocha’s 1-click integration. This helps you maintain a single repository of your entire recruitment data.

And there’s more. Our user-friendly DIY integration completely eliminates dependency on technical teams. You can launch automated candidate assessments in just a few clicks – anytime, anywhere.

ai powered reports & analytics
1 click integration

Ensure smooth team management with role-based access control

Assign various user roles to team members with fine-tuned control over the access levels and permissions. Using pre-employment testing software, you can manage your team with customizable user roles such as Super Admin, Admin, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, Evaluator, and External Recruiter, Reviewer, Interviewer and set access permissions individually.

Define the roles and access levels for each user to limit/grant privileges that are necessary to perform their work.

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"We are delighted to use iMocha for our hiring needs. We have used them for hiring fresh grads as well as senior pros and the depth of assessments and fantastic features have led us to some great talent.”

- Meghan, Capgemini

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