AI-enabled Proctoring

Cheating prevention measures to help enterprises ensure integrity of remote assessments, yet provide a smooth candidate experience

AI proctoring

Leverage any combination of iMocha’s 7 cheating prevention measures for your remote assessment needs

ai proctoring

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"We no longer have to worry whether the candidates taking the assessments are resorting to any unfair means thanks to iMocha's strong cheating prevention measures. Good to confirm that those who appeared for the test were genuine candidates."

- Hiring Manager, Fujistu

Ensure 100% integrity of assessments and overcome your remote hiring challenges

Real-time Image Proctoring

iMocha's image proctoring feature is a type of digital invigilation that helps in eliminating any chances of cheating in the test.

  • Advanced face recognition mechanism
  • Ensure only invited candidates appear and take the assessment
  • Multiple parameters to report suspicious activities

You can decide whether the test should be terminated when the candidate exceeds a certain number of violations.

face recognition

"We often received poor candidate feedback owing to some proctoring measures that slowed the system. With a simple combination of image and window locking, we were able to ensure test integrity and yet have provide better candidate experience."


Advanced Plagiarism Detection

Hiring a candidate who has aced the exam by copying someone else's code and passing it off as their own can prove disastrous for the company. They are bound to fail and not live up to the company's expectations.

  • Quickly detect instances of copy and paste
  • Identifying if the candidate has moved out of the test window, and if yes for how many times

Ensure you hire only those candidates who genuinely pass the assessment.

plagarism detection
question answer randomnisation

Randomization of Questions & Answers

Another way of cheating prevention is to not repeat the questions and answers in the same order. iMocha has a huge repository of over 2,000+ skills and 100,000+ questions.

  • Every question and answer appears randomly from our extensive skills library
  • Minimize chances of cheating during bulk hiring process

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With iMocha, privacy and security compliances are guaranteed


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AI-enabled Proctoring                                                                

Know how iMocha prevents cheating with advanced proctoring solutions                                                


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