Hire the best technical talent.

Build top-class teams with advanced assessments like coding simulators, latest language compilers, and LogicBox.

Hire the best technical talent.
  • Coding skills
    Coding skills

    Assess fundamental development skills with popular and trending programming languages like C# 6.0 with mono compiler, C++14 (g++ 6.2.0), C99 (gcc 6.2.0), JavaScript ES6, Java 8, Python 3 and more.

  • Hire only the cream talent
    Hire only the cream talent

    Use our quality assessments to filter out irrelevant candidates in the initial phases itself. Customize the assessment difficulty levels to identify the top-notch talents.

  • Why HackerRank won’t suffice?
    Why HackerRank won’t suffice?

    iMocha beats HackerRank on various parameters like the total number of pre-built assessments, pre-built technology frameworks, pre-built domain assessments for technology companies and pre-built IT skills assessments. Additionally, unlike HackerRank, iMocha allows editing questions. Read why iMocha is the best HackerRank alternative.

“iMocha helped us to cut down on our candidate filtration time by 40%, making it our preferred assessment tool.”

Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran
Pedro Furtado, Capacity Manager, Altran
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