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Globally, only 4.3% of professionals comprise hackers, then why rank hackers only?

Why enterprises love iMocha?

The largest skill library in the world with 1500+ skills covering coding, IT, domain as well as 50+ Next-Gen skills that will play a major role in the digital transformation and innovation ambitions of tech giants.

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High-end sophisticated platform with innovative features like LogicBox, advanced proctoring for cheating prevention, fastest custom test creation and top-end employer branding features.

Integrations with leading ATS & LMS to empower your recruiters with a seamless experience within a single repository without switching between numerous apps.

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quote 1 “ We absolutely love this tool! We were (and currently still are when needed by the client) using HackerRank to screen our developers but had no fitting tool to screen our non-development candidates (QA, BA, PM, Infrastructure, DevOps, Financial Background Questions, etc.) and IM has fully met that need for us. ” quote 1

Lindsay Learn, Recruitment Coordinator, AIC Talent Solutions

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iMocha vs HackerRank
Skills Assessment Library down arrow
iMocha HackerRank
IT skills tick tick
Coding skills tick tick
Cognitive & Aptitude skills tick close
Next-Gen skills 50+ (Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence) 7 Data Science skills (SQL, Python, Statistics, Data Wrangling, Modeling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning)
Job based skills tick tick
Enterprise Readiness down arrow
iMocha HackerRank
Product Assortment tick tick
Single Sign-On tick tick
Audit Logs tick tick
Role-Based Access Control tick tick
Change Management tick tick
Product Security ISO 27001 ISO 27001
Deployment options Multi-tenant Cloud based SaaS Cloud based
Team Management tick tick
Integrations 1-Click integration with 20+ partners tick
Reporting & Analytics Advanced tick
SLA & Support Yes - 99.9 % delivery rate Yes - 99.9 % Availability
GDPR tick tick
Enterprise Assessment Platform down arrow
iMocha HackerRank
Validity & Reliability of Assessments tick tick
Innovative Question Types - LogicBox 18 Skills, 225+ Questions close
One Way Video Interview Questions tick close
Live Video Interview close tick
Difficulty Level Analysis tick close
Truly Custom Test Fastest < 24 hours tick
Configure Your Test Settings Customizable email invitations Customizable email invitations
Invitation Options tick close
Advanced Employer Branding Advanced - Across email templates, urls and landing pages Yes - Logo on Login page and Codepair interview invites
Candidate Career Portal Yes - On request close
Reporting and Analytics down arrow
iMocha HackerRank
Customized Performance Report tick tick
Comparative Reports tick tick
Advanced Filtration & Search tick tick
Code Replay tick tick
Code Replay Analysis tick close
Video Question Analysis Coming soon close
Analytics In a Mailbox tick tick
Shareable Reports tick tick
Insights Into Your Assessments Advanced tick
View All Report tick tick
Cheating Prevention arrow down
iMocha HackerRank
Real Time Image Proctoring tick Image snapshots at 1 minute intervals
Window Lock With Test Termination Shown in report Recording in report
Time violation Shown in report tick
Randomization tick tick
Audio Proctoring tick close
Video Proctoring tick close
IP Ranges tick tick
Customer Success and Support down arrow
iMocha HackerRank
Training & On Boarding tick tick
Assistance For Custom Test tick tick
Analytics That Matter tick tick
Review Meetings Recurring Meetings Need to Book a Time
Flexible Support Options Available 24-7 24 hours, 5 days a week

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