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J’Excelle maximizes its hiring in less than half the time

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  • Overcoming the geographical barriers to source top tutors
  • Data-driven skill assessment
  • Creating assessments in multiple languages
  • Remote assessments with proctoring
  • Prompt and accurate candidate reports
  • White-Labeling

The Company

J’Excelle is one of Canada’s fastest growing company in online tutoring. With its unique concept, J’Excelle aims at fortifying the educational base of students by providing them top notch tutoring services. In a short span, J’Excelle has carved a niche for itself and is looked upon as an organization focused on providing quality education through its tutors who excel in their respective domains.

“We are a tutoring agency, wherein the crux of our business lies in the quality of the tutors we hire. Hence it is imperative that our hiring is top notch. We were impressed by the caliber, depth, and breadth of the assessments provided by iMocha. With iMocha, we have found a great assessment tool for our hiring requirements.”

Megan Akhras,
Co-founder & director, J'Excelle,Canada

The Challenge

Data-driven skill assessments:

To hire quality tutors, J’Excelle needed an assessment partner that provided insightful reports with comparative analysis. There was a demand for tutors who specialized in niche subjects and to assess such tutors, J’Excelle not only needed quality assessments but also intuitive reports which helped them to make informed decisions.

Overcoming the geographical barriers to source top tutors:

J’Excelle provided tutoring services in Montreal, Laval, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, and Quebec. With their office in Montreal, J’Excelle wanted to be able to assess tutors in other areas, without them having to travel to Montreal. They wanted an assessment partner who helped them overcome this aspect.

Creating an efficient assessment funnel:

J’Excelle’s core business is to provide excellent and quality tutoring services to students and help them perform brilliantly at their academics. Getting crème de la crème of the tutors was thus detrimental for J’Excelle’s success. This meant J’Excelle needed an assessment funnel that was proficient and created a potent pool of talent.

Assessments in multiple languages:

Majority of the population in J’Excelle’s area of operation are French speaking. Hence it was imperative for them to partner with an assessment platform that supports not only French but multiple languages as they have tutoring services for these languages.

The Solution

After evaluating multiple assessment platforms, J’Excelle chose iMocha, as it provided multiple business solutions.

Automated hiring process:

With iMocha, the entire hiring process was automated. J’Excelle chose the assessments, created links with the time slot, tutors gave the assessments, and based on the reports the decisions could be taken. This entire process reduced a huge amount of the hiring time.

Assessments with remote proctoring:

With remote proctoring, J’Excelle could assess tutors from any geographical location. This made their hiring process more efficient, as only the shortlisted tutors could then be called for personal interviews. Remote proctoring also helped J’Excelle expand its horizons and find quality teachers in different locations.


J’Excelle utilized iMocha’s white-labeling features for its company branding. Right from the their logo on the assessment platform, reports, to custom emails (emails to all candidates were sent from a customized email address), to test URL, everything had J’Excelle’s branding. This further helped J’Excelle create a positive brand image and awareness.

Creating assessments for multiple languages:

iMocha provided the flexibility to create assessments in multiple languages. J’Excelle was able to create assessments in French which was their primary need.

Powerful reports:

J’Excelle benefitted immensely with iMocha’s potent and analytical reports. Section wise summary of reports helped them to know the forte of the tutors who could then be accordingly assigned to students.

Well- defined assessment process:

iMocha’s quality assessments helped J’Excelle to design an assessment process that created a pool of quality talent. Due to this, J’Excelle could provide better educational services to its customers.

The Result

Maximal hiring – minimal time:

J’Excelle maximized its hiring in less than half the time. This helped J’Excelle create a pool of talent who could impart excellent educational services to its clients. Besides this J’Excelle could reach out to a wider client base due to the sheer number of quality tutors in its team.

Candidate Feedback:

The tutors who took the iMocha assessments provided an excellent feedback about their experience, ease of the platform, and quality of the assessment. This created goodwill and enhanced J’Excelle’s reputation as one of the top tutoring firms.

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