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How ACS leveraged iMocha to help their premium client hire for 4 unique job roles in one week

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Unique custom skills tests

48 hrs

Time taken to deliver 4 skills with 15 questions each


Candidates assessed


Candidates hired


Talent Solutions





  • Assessing and shortlisting candidates for unique skills
  • Submitting relevant candidate profiles in 3 days
  • Superfast custom test creation
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support
  • Shareable PDF reports

The Company

American CyberSystems (ACS Group) is a leading global information technology, consulting and business solutions organization that has been a trusted partner to mid-market and enterprise clients around the world in their digital transformation journey for over 20 years. Headquartered in the US, ACS Group has grown to over $900 million in revenue with more than 17,000 employees and consultants worldwide and is recognized by ACG as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in the State of Georgia.

“This is one of the best customer support my team has received while working with an assessment player and we have worked with a few. They promised me the fastest turnaround for a custom test and that’s exactly what was delivered. Right from understanding the requirement, to getting the tests made, and then walking us through them, the entire process was fast and sublime. Kudos to iMocha.”

Pritika Sondhi,
ACS Group

The Challange

ACS is a leading staffing solution company based in the USA. Since 2018 ACS has been using iMocha to evaluate and shortlist candidates for their clients. In February, 2020, ACS came to us with a challenge that they were facing. One of their premier clients, a leading BFSI institution, wanted to fill 4 job roles within a week. The unique skill sets needed for these job roles were Control-M, Marketo, Tandem, and Sailpoint. These tests are not easily available owing to lack of quality SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for these skills. For any staffing company, the turnaround time along with the right profiles is extremely critical. For these job roles, ACS needed profiles that were thoroughly evaluated before submitting to their client.

How iMocha helped

Pritika Sondhi, Business Development Manager, discussed the profile and the skill set over a call with our customer success team. Our customer success team suggested ACS to opt for custom tests, wherein we would create the tests especially for ACS. Subsequently the requirement was shared with our assessment team who reached out to specific SMEs for the listed skills. Within the next 48 hours, our team was able to deliver 4 unique custom tests containing 15 quality questions for each skill. These questions were put through a rigorous quality check process before being delivered to ACS. The customer support team then added these tests to ACS’ account and also apprised them of all the necessary details.

The Result

ACS was able to assess 24 candidates within a day and shortlist them for interviews with their clients. Their client was happy with the candidate pipeline as shortlisted candidates performed well at the interviews too. Moreover, their client even hired 4 top-candidates within a week!

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