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Customer Challenges

Capgemini enables its customers to go digital through an array of services backed by AI, Analytics, and Platform. With a growing demand from its customers, Capgemini looked to expand its Data Science team.  

1. Hiring managers spending too much time vetting candidates

The hiring managers are among the top-paid resources at Capgemini. They spent almost 24 hours a month vetting candidates. This hampered project deliverables.  

2. High time to hire

On average, it took Capgemini almost one week to screen, shortlist, and extend an offer letter.  

3. High competition

Data science being a niche skill, there was intense competition to hire the best candidates.  

Capgemini wanted a solution to solve these challenges.

Information Technology Services
Solution Type
Talent Acquisition – Lateral Hiring
HR System
Product Used

iMocha Solution

Capgemini was already using iMocha for university and entry-level hiring and decided to try the data science assessments as well. The data science assessments were available in 2 coding languages - R and Python. Each candidate was sent the assessment, and reports of the top-performing candidates were sent to hiring managers. Since there was no manual review involved, hiring managers could conduct the interviews and shortlist candidates for the HR round. Automated data science assessments meant that the time spent by hiring managers for the hiring process was reduced from 24 hours to just 6 hours in a month.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Detailed candidate reports

The candidate reports that were generated using iMocha helped hiring managers make talent decisions with ease, without the need for any manual intervention.

Customized assessments

The Customer Success team and Subject Matter Experts at iMocha worked together to create assessments for data science.

Smart Proctoring

IMocha's Smart Proctoring helped Capgemini detect and prevent cheating during the entire assessment process.

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