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Our Online Oracle API Gateway test is the preferred pre-employment test for recruiters and hiring managers to hire job-fit candidates for roles such as Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator, SOA Architect - Oracle API Gateway, Enterprise Security Consultant, and Oracle API Developer. This test helps to reduce hiring cost by 40%.

About Online Oracle API Gateway Test

Oracle API Gateway test has been specially designed & validated by Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assess the skills of the Oracle API Gateway engineers - as per Industry Standards.

This Online Oracle API Gateway test helps recruiters and hiring managers to identify the potential prospects before an interview.

Oracle API Gateway is a comprehensive platform which is used for managing, delivering, and securing Web APIs. It provides integration, acceleration, governance, and security for API and SOA-based systems. Oracle API Gateway is available on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Oracle API Gateway provides features like identity management, pluggable pipeline, REST APIs, audit trail, traffic throttling, centralized management, API management, etc.
Since you can conduct the test online & the features like online proctoring, windows violation records make the screening secure, you can ask the candidate to appear for Oracle API Gateway skill test from their any desired place as per their convenience. It will help you to eliminate the needs of infrastructure & travel reimbursement.

Our hiring analytics will provide you with the detailed analysis of skills related strengths & weaknesses of the candidates that will help you in making right hiring decisions.

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Test Summary

Oracle API Gateway pre-employment test enables employers to identify Oracle experts having expertise in Oracle API Gateway to manage Web APIs.  

The test contains MCQ's (Multiple Choice Questions), MAQ's (Multiple Answer Questions), Fill in the Blank, Descriptive, True or False. 
The Oracle API Gateway quiz contains the combination of application and theory questions that helps you to evaluate practical & technical skills of candidates. 

Test Duration: 20 minutes

No. of Questions: 10

Level of Expertise: Entry/Mid/Expert

Useful for hiring

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator
  • SOA Architect - Oracle API Gateway
  • Enterprise Security Consultant
  • Oracle API Developer

Topics Covered

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Service Virtualization

iMocha’s Oracle API gateway test helps recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate candidate’s understanding about service virtualization term which helps to use virtual services by emulating services without developing services

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This test assesses a candidate’s knowledge about managing and controlling traffic monitoring settings for web-based API Gateway

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Our test helps to evaluate candidate’s understanding about transaction logging details

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This online Oracle API Gateway test validates applicant’s knowledge about API Gateway group where one or more API Gateways are managed, run and configured

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Our test assesses candidate’s understanding about API security and thread protection for Oracle API Gateway

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Data Routing

This assessment evaluates candidate’s knowledge about data routing configuration where incoming API requests directed to backend resources

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Our test assesses candidate’s knowledge about maintaining seamless communication between the APIs

Sample Questions

Choose from our 100,000+ question library or add your own questions to make powerful custom tests

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 1. Suppose a message from Oracle API Gateway to the application server contains the name and email address of few users. What will happen to this sensitive data when the message is sent?
It will get encrypted.
It will get omitted from the message. 
It will get transferred as clean text without encryption or omission.
Either Choice 1 or Choice 2

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 2. An application uses huge XML files to communicate with user systems. This communication is handled through web services. How can the Oracle API Gateway help in making the process faster?
The API Gateway compresses the files into smaller zip files which make their offloading faster.
The XML Acceleration Engine of API Gateway ensures faster offloading of the XML files from the application server.
The API Gateway Loader uses cache to load and unload data files unless instructed otherwise. This makes the process faster.
The API Gateway only manages web APIs and has no role to play in the speed of the data transfer.

Question types:

Multiple Option





Q 3. You have a web API that uses SOAP services to communicate the data between users and the application. If you use the Oracle API Gateway to manage this API then, how will the communication between the users and the application take place?
The SOAP service will be converted to a REST service for data transfer.
The SOAP service will be used as it is.
The SOAP service will be discarded and a REST web service will be integrated with the application through a new port.
To manage a web API using the Oracle API Gateway, the API must use a RESTful service.

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