Life at iMocha

Life at Mocha
Employee Centric Culture isn’t just a wordplay here at iMocha. Therefore, we’ve implemented our very own 5 C’s to get the fun rolling!
Here’s what our 5 C’s look like:
  • Life at Mocha-Commitment

    ('cause it’s a two-way street)

  • Life at Mocha-Care

    (caring is a strength)

  • Life at Mocha-Communication

    (it’s the key, right?)

  • Life at Mocha-Celebration

    (you gotta celebrate great things in a grand way)

  • Life at Mocha-Community

    (is what binds mankind)

At Mocha, we have policies that resonate with the 21st century!
  • Equal Opportunities (because, why not?)

    Some might say we have gone a little overboard when we say we serve a platter of equal opportunities to our people regardless of their gender or preferences. It’s 2019, we don’t really have time to believe in biases.

  • Employee Health

    “Health is Wealth” very much cliched but stands true for every penny! Mental and Physical health is a priority in this day and age. Hence, we make sure our employees remain stress-free and fit. The HR team conducts consulting sessions for all employees on a regular basis. We also provide health insurance to all our employees and their spouse and kids.

  • Transparency in Communication

    Transparency fosters trust and we strive to achieve the trust of our employees. Our philosophy is “when employees feel trusted, they leave no stone unturned in giving their 100% to the organization.” Therefore, we make sure there’s clear communication across all levels.

Mocha’s First Offsite Trip
Mocha’s First Offsite Trip

They say Work Hard, Party Harder! At Mocha...

Mocha’s Dandiya Night
Mocha’s Dandiya Night

Navratri is incomplete without Garba!

Seeking Blessings
Seeking Blessings

We believe in seeking the blessing

Fun&Food: Things We Love
Fun&Food: Things We Love

Do anything, but let it produce joy...

International Days
International Days

Yoga and Women's Day!

CSR By iMocha
CSR By iMocha

CSR by iMocha

Quarterly Meetings
Quarterly Meetings

Our meetings are fun too!