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Trusted by 500+ Enterprises

Trusted by 500+ Enterprises


In today's competitive job market, where skills are most important, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant challenge. Resumes can be misleading, and traditional interview methods can be subjective.

This is where iMocha's Skills Benchmarking steps in, offering a data-driven approach to talent acquisition that ensures you find the perfect fit for every role.

What is skills benchmarking?

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Skills benchmarking is the process of measuring a candidate's skill level against predetermined standards set by your organization and industry. It goes beyond simply checking a list of skills on a resume.

iMocha's platform utilizes AI-powered assessments to objectively evaluate a candidate's proficiency in areas critical to the job. This can include technical skills, soft skills, and even job-specific knowledge.

What is iMocha’s skills benchmarking solution?

At iMocha, we understand the pivotal role skill readiness plays in successful hiring. We help organizations in ensuring that candidates meet industry standards by benchmarking them against industry norms.

There are two benchmarking solutions offered by iMocha:

Candidate Benchmarking:
Candidate benchmarking allows you to compare a candidate's skills with those of other candidates who have been assessed within your organization.
Essentially, it matches the candidate's skill level with the average skill proficiency of candidates assessed within your organization.
Industry Benchmarking:
Industry benchmarking takes a broader perspective by considering all available data related to a specific skill. This includes assessments conducted by various organizations, not just your own. It compares the candidate's skill score to the industry-wide average for that particular skill. This provides a comprehensive view of the candidate's skill proficiency in a broader context.

How does iMocha's skills benchmarking work?

Using the customers Taxonomy & Ontology, iMocha creates job profile for each job requisition, allowing for precise candidate benchmarking.

iMocha's AI model relies on its comprehensive industry-standard ontology framework to align each job profile with the appropriate skills and proficiency levels, which are then matched with candidate data to generate intelligent skills profiles. This reduces the time-to-hire by screening relevant candidates for specific job profiles.

What are the benefits of iMocha’s skills benchmarking solution?

Reduced Bias

iMocha's automated assessments eliminate unconscious bias that can creep into traditional hiring process. This ensures all candidates are evaluated based on their actual skills and not irrelevant factors.

Data-Driven Decisions

Skills benchmarking provides concrete data on candidate skill levels. This allows recruiters to make informed hiring decisions based on objective metrics.

Streamlined Hiring Process:

Skills benchmarking contributes to the standardization of the hiring process, ensuring alignment with the organization's needs, and attracting suitable talent, resulting in a more streamlined hiring process.

Better Candidate Matching

Mocha's AI-powered skills match engine can compare and match candidate skill sets to specific job requirements, ensuring a perfect fit.


iMocha's Skills Benchmarking is a powerful tool for talent acquisition teams. By providing a data-driven approach to candidate evaluation, iMocha helps organizations find the best talent, improve hiring efficiency, and build a future-proof workforce.
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