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Power BI Developer Job Description

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Job Brief

We are looking for Power BI developers to join our team! In this position, you will be in charge of developing and updating BI reports as well as communicating actionable insights to improve corporate decision-making. You should be able to manage data, evaluate its results, and display them strategically by using visualization tools, DAX queries, charts, and relationships. This will allow an organization to prosper.

This developer's position necessitates extensive understanding of modeling, databases, data warehousing, data integration, and technical elements of business intelligence technologies. You should also be able to read and evaluate product, market, and share trends. You should also have a strong technical understanding of business trends. Strong communication, organizational, and analytical abilities are required.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Formulate automated reports and dashboards using Power BI and other reporting tools.
  • Understand business requirements to set functional specifications for reporting applications.
  • You should be familiar with SSRS and TSQL, Power Query, MDX, PowerBI, and DAX are just a few of the tools and systems on the MS SQL Server BI Stack.
  • Exhibit a foundational understanding of database concepts such relational database architecture, multidimensional database design, and more
  • Design data models that transform raw data into insightful knowledge by understanding business requirements in the context of BI.
  • Develop technical specifications from business needs, and choose a deadline for work completion.
  • Make charts and data documentation that includes descriptions of the techniques, parameters, models, and relationships.
  • Developing Power BI desktop to create dashboards, KPI scorecards, and visual reports.
  • Establish row-level security on data and comprehend Power BI's application security layer models.
  • Examine, comprehend, and study business needs as they relate to business intelligence.
  • Design and map data models to transform raw data into insightful information.
  • Create dynamic and eye-catching dashboards and reports using Power BI.
  • Make necessary tactical and technological adjustments to enhance current business intelligence systems
  • Integrate data, alter data, and connect to data sources for business intelligence.

Requirements and Skills

  • Extremely good communication skills are necessary to effectively explain the requirements between both internal teams and client teams.
  • Exceptional analytical thinking skills for converting data into illuminating reports and reports.
  • BS in computer science or information system along with work experience in a related field
  • knowledge of data warehousing, data gateway, and data preparation projects
  • Working knowledge of Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS components of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack
  • Articulating, representing, and analyzing solutions with the team while documenting, creating, and modeling them
  • Familiarity with the tools and technologies used by the Microsoft SQL Server BI Stack, including SSRS and TSQL, Power Query, MDX, PowerBI, and DAX.
  • Knowledge of executing DAX queries on the Power BI desktop
  • Comprehensive understanding of data modeling, administration, and visualization
  • Capacity to perform in an atmosphere where agility and continual development are prioritized
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of database management systems, OLAP, and the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) framework
  • Awareness of BI technologies (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI)
  • Expertise of SQL queries, SSRS, and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

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Average Salary

The salary of a Power BI Developer varies depending on the experience, geographical region, and organization. A power BI Developer's average salary in the United States is nearly $98,016 per year. In the United Kingdom, Power BI Developer earns nearly £45,823 per year, almost close to 7 Lakhs in India.

Common Power BI Developer Job Titles

The most common careers in Power BI developers include the following roles'

  • Power BI Analyst: This role is in charge of designing, developing, and deploying business analytics dashboards using Microsoft BI technologies such as SQL, Power BI, etc.
  • Power BI Consultant: They are tasked with developing and validating new data models that support decision-making as well as creating and implementing new data analysis guidelines.
  • Power BI Developer: Liable for developing BI tools and having an understanding of how to use interactive, simple-to-understand dashboards and reports to transform raw data into the relevant analysis.

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