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Dot Net Developer Job Description

Here is a Dot Net Developer Job description template to help you create a clear job description. Utilize it to find the right candidate for the job.

Job Brief

We are seeking an experienced Dot Net Developer to join our team! Our Dot Net Developer specializes in multiple projects and is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining software solutions that suit our client's objectives. You should be able to create clean and efficient code while adhering to coding standards.

In this role, you would also be expected to work with internal teams to design, create, and maintain software. Thus, you need to be a good team player and communicator. You are also required to undertake project needs sourcing, select the best software solutions, and verify that development is error-free.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain .NET applications using C#, ASP.NET, MVC, and SQL Server
  • Support other developers and stakeholders in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving software issues.
  • Participate in software solution design and architecture.
  • Create clean, efficient, and well-documented code following coding standards.
  • Ensure code quality through unit testing and automated testing frameworks
  • Support with technical assistance and serve as an application specialist.
  • Utilize Microsoft's .NET infrastructure to develop software solutions that satisfy client's needs.
  • Coordinate with coworkers to facilitate the creation of significant, complex developments, as required.
  • Reformulate old code to guarantee compliance with specified requirements.
  • Ensure that the outputs are visually appealing, user-friendly, and entertaining.
  • Leveraging client input to guide the construction of the following versions of each development.
  • Ability to convert application storyboards and use cases into working apps.
  • Determine bottlenecks and defects, then design strategies to mitigate and fix these issues.
  • Create and maintain proper documentation throughout the software development phase.
  • Manage the defect tracking system, including the resolution of any mistakes and the updating of the system.

Requirements and Skills

  • Dedication to collaborative problem-solving, sophisticated design and high-quality products is required.
  • Knowledge of version control systems (e.g., Git)
  • Expertise in cloud technologies (e.g., Azure, AWS)
  • Hands-on expertise in containerization and orchestration technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge of front-end frameworks (e.g., Angular, React)
  • Understanding of unit testing and automated testing frameworks
  • Desire to learn and keep up with new trends and technology
  • A basic comprehension of the ASP.NET framework, SQL Server, and design/architectural patterns (e.g., Model-View-Controller)
  • Familiarity with architecture styles and APIs (REST, RPC)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related discipline
  • Certification in MCSD or MCPD will be quite beneficial.
  • A knack for designing technically useful, well-presented software.
  • Understanding of the Mono framework
  • Acquainted with various architectural and design patterns
  • Familiarity with Common Language Runtime (CLR), its limitations, flaws, and workarounds
  • Proficient in C# and VB.NET programming languages, as well as a broad understanding of.NET languages

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Average Salary

The salary of a Dot Net Developer varies depending on the experience, geographical region, and organization. Dot Net Developer's average salary in the United States is nearly $96,149 per year. In the United Kingdom, Dot Net Developer earns nearly £45,000 per year, almost close to 8.5 Lakhs in India.

Common Dot Net Developer Job Titles

The most common careers in Dot Net Developer include the following roles.

  • Senior .NET Developer: Responsible for creating and managing complex software solutions using .NET technologies.
  • .NET Web Developer: Developers in this role are required to create web apps utilizing ASP.NET, C#, and other relevant technologies.
  • .NET Application Developer: In charge of developing desktop and mobile applications using C# and related .NET technologies.
  • .NET Software Developer: Accountable for managing and designing software applications using C#, ASP.NET, and other related technologies.
  • .NET Software Engineer: Responsible for creating dependable and efficient software applications by designing apps in C# and ASP.NET and collaborating with other developers.
  • .NET Cloud Developer: This role requires the developers to create cloud applications using C# and ASP.NET and collaborate with other members to develop effective cloud-based applications.

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