E-Learning Platforms

E-learning platforms use iMocha to assess the skills of learners

Use iMocha Talent Analytics for TNA (Training Need Assessment) and TNI (Training Need Identification) of learners. Take better decisions and help learners get better jobs, better pay and better roles.
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Why iMocha for E-learning platforms
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of learners and design custom learning paths
Create an industry-ready talent to boost the employability of the learners
Easily create customized assessments for all the training programs
Use intelligent analytics to accurately gauge the skill proficiencies of learners and take better decisions
Make your L&D assessment to perfectly fit your team and processess

How iMocha transforms E-learning experience

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Create customized assessments based on learning paths

iMocha has the largest skill library in the world, with 3000+ skills assessments. You can assess learners using a ready assessment from the library, you can add your own assessment or our Customer Success team can create a custom assessment for you. You can thus ensure that the assessments are tailored to the learning path.

Custom learning path using Intelligent analytics

iMocha’s advanced Talent analytics give you insights into the skill proficiencies of your learners. Understand the strengths and weakness of the learners for Training Need Identification (TNI) and Training Need Analysis (TNA).

Easily fit iMocha into your existing system

iMocha solution is a simple, plug-and-play solution, that seamlessly fits into your existing learning ecosystem. No hassles, no headaches.

Identify the effectiveness of training programs

Using intelligent analytics, you can identify the effectiveness of your post-training programs. Furthermore, find out which modules of your training programs are working well and which need improvement.

Create a learning experience that learners love

It can be challenging to get the learners participation in the learning initiatives. The iMocha assessment experience not only adds convenience to the evaluation process but also ensures that learners enjoy their learning journey. Learners can choose to get assessed whenever they want, with a device of their choice.

Benchmark your workforce against the industry standards

Compare the skills of your learners with the industry standards, by using iMocha’s benchmarking solution. This benchmarking tells you the exact skill gaps, which can be addressed by creating specific learning paths.

Assess skill proficiency of learners with iMocha’s upskilling solution.

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Capgemini partnered with iMocha & Chegg to shortlist 20+ developers from leading universities

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Nice saved 65% interview time with the iMocha solution
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Fujitsu minimized 50% dependency on the Technical evaluation team
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