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Takealot saves 80% of interview time with 1-Click integration

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South Africa and African Continent

  • Finding a mechanism to quantify the skills and not rely on resumes
  • Lack of data to accurately filter candidates
  • Higher time spent by Hiring Managers to interview candidates
  • Finding an assessment partner integrated with Greenhouse ATS
  • Integration with Greenhouse
  • Quick Report generation
  • Bulk distribution of tests to candidates
  • Image proctoring for remote assessments

The Company

Takealot was officially launched in 2011 as an e-commerce business. Through the years Takealot has grown leaps and bounds and today is the leading ecommerce retailer in South Africa and of the largest, most innovative e-commerce retailers in Africa. Takealot is focused on providing excellent customer service with a wide range of products & services. With its customer centric approach, Takealot aims to be the number one online shopping destination across Africa.

“iMocha has helped us redefine our recruitment process. With seamless 1-click integration with Greenhouse, all our recruitment data is in one place. We use Aptitude assessments to filter candidates, so only the relevant ones are interviewed. This has reduced our interview time by 80%.”

Rudi Hattingh,
Division Manager : Consumables, Takealot

The Challenge

Takealot were in expansion mode and needed to hire the best talent in quick time. During this time Rudi and his team recognized their recruiting challenges.

Looking beyond resumes:

Takealot received a huge influx of resumes for various job roles. The major challenge Rudi and his team faced were quantifying the skills of the candidates. Resumes were often misleading which meant that Hiring Managers ended up interviewing unqualified candidates and wasting their time

Lack of data to accurately filter candidates:

Since Takealot did not have a recruitment assessment in place, they relied on the candidates’ resumes. Resume filtration is usually performed by using specific job-role keywords. They lacked any concrete data showcasing candidates’ knowledge and skills.

Higher time spent by Hiring Managers to interview candidates:

Hiring Managers needed to interview each candidate to know their job suitability and skill proficiency. This meant that the Hiring Managers were spending their productive time interviewing unqualified candidates. Due to this their primary work suffered.

Finding an assessment partner integrated with Greenhouse ATS:

Takealot was using Greenhouse as their ATS partner. When looking for a skills assessment tool, their emphasis was a software that was integrated with Greenhouse. This would make it easier for their recruiters to – share tests with candidates and view reports, all within the workflow of Greenhouse.

The Solution

Takealot chose iMocha for the seamless 1-Click integration and the comprehensive skills assessment library.

Setting a screening process:

Takealot designed a recruitment process that involved Aptitude tests as phase 1 screening. Using iMocha’s pre-built tests, they screened candidates for Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. This helped them accurately assess skills and filter irrelevant candidates.

Data points for candidate filtration:

With implementation of online assessments, Takealot has access to intuitive reports which served as data points for filtration. They could easily assess candidates on various skills and only the relevant ones were lined up for interviews. This culminated in Hiring Managers investing time in interviewing only suitable candidates and saving a lot of time.

Seamless 1-Click integration:

iMocha provided 1-Click integration with Greenhouse which is their ATS partner. This helped them manage their recruitment process within the Greenhouse workflow. Integration was achieved sans any coding on their part. Their recruitment team was able to configure the integration independently without dependency on technical team.

The Result

80% interview time saved:

By using iMocha, Rudi and his team were able to save on their interview time. Their Hiring Managers concentrated only on quality candidates which helped them hire the best talents for their company.

Completely automated process:

With iMocha and Greenhouse, Takealot had a completely automated recruitment process. Remote assessments with web proctoring allowed them to assess larger number of candidates’ in a short time.

One workflow for recruitment:

Integration of iMocha and Greenhouse platforms helped their team to streamline the entire recruitment process in one workflow. Assessment links were sent and candidates’ reports were viewed within the Greenhouse platform which made it easier for them.

Next Steps

After using iMocha’s Aptitude tests, Takealot is planning to use our IT Skills tests as well for technical job roles.

Want to know how iMocha can seamlessly integrate with your ATS partner and reduce hiring time?


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