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  • Lack of assessments on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) skills
  • Matching the right resources for projects
  • Traditional process for competency assessments
  • Using own questions to create custom tests as per requirements
  • Insightful reports that provide comparative skill analysis
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About Company

A Swedish multinational, one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology, enables its customers to leverage the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale.

“Partnering with iMocha has helped us identify the right skill meter for our employees. The results are great- we have got the perfect assessments for RPA and the skill meter has helped us create a baseline to assess future employees for RPA.”

Human Resources

The Challenge

Blue Prism is a trending RPA (Robotic Automation Process) software used by the company. They required employees having various skill levels in Blue Prism for their various projects. However, in absence of a skill meter, it was difficult to identify the right resources for the project. This in a way hampered the resource selection for various projects, leading to delays and slippages.

The company wanted to understand the competency levels of their employees engaged in RPA. This would help them assign the right resources to the right projects. This was also a way to identify gaps between current capabilities and future requirements.

One of the challenges for competency assessments was that they used traditional processes which meant manual evaluation. This required enormous time and efforts. As is the case with any IT Services company, manual efforts meant eating up billable hours, and subsequently affecting revenue.


The company partnered with iMocha to conduct a competency audit for its employees. One of the best features that appealed to them was own question uploads. They already had a few RPA skill questions in their repository. However, when iMocha’s customer success manager had a review meeting, it was discovered that these were not the latest questions. iMocha provided them with the latest Blue Prism questions. They created assessments using their own and iMocha questions. This empowered them to customize the test to suit their requirements.

They created a Blue Prism test comprising of different skills. The results helped them to bucket their employees into;

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Proficient

Once this was clear, it became a lot easier to assign employees for various projects. The biggest gain from this was matching the right skills with the right projects.

The competency assessments were now digitalized, which meant that there were almost zero manual efforts and elimination of human bias as well. The skill meters further helped them design a training program to Upskill their employees.

Success with iMocha

The leading IT services company was able to create a competency meter for a niche skill like RPA. They improved handling of projects by effective resource management. Project allocations were unbiased.

Further there was reduction of manual efforts and time in competency evaluation.

Next Steps

With the success of competency mapping, they are planning to use iMocha for recruitment as well. They want to use the average scores of their employees as a baseline to screen future candidates.

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