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How Mobile Programming is helping their clients to reduce time to hire by 60%

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Phone screen time saved


Relevant candidates shortlisted for interviews


Reduction in time to hire


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  • Lack of concrete data points to justify the candidate profiles shared with clients
  • Higher time to fill
  • Lack of technical recruiters to fulfill the wide-variety of skill knowledge
  • Comprehensive skill assessment library
  • Coding assessments
  • Detailed and easily sharable skill wise PDF reports

About Mobile programming

Mobile programming LLC is a US based digital transformation company headquartered in Los Angeles. It also provides staffing solutions for its clients for various job roles.
Mobile programming helps enterprises transform ideas into innovative and intelligent solutions, governing Internet of Things, Digital Commerce, Business Intelligence Analytics, and Cloud Programming. From conceptualizing and engineering to advanced manufacturing, Mobile Programming helps customers build and scale products fit for the global marketplace.

“Thanks to Customer Success Team of iMocha, they have shared the best practices of quick test creation & also helped us in training all our recruiters for various functionalities of the tool. Now my team of 25 recruiters has adopted this measure & it has done wonders for our clients.”

Vipin Sharma,
General Manager HR & Recruitement, Mobile Programming.

The Challenge

Mobile Programming has 5 centers in India with around 25 recruiters. Mobile Programming caters to clients in the USA as well as India. Mobile Programming believes in proactively reaching to their clients and achieving customer excellence. While reviewing their hiring process, Vipin Sharma, General Manager, HR & Recruitment, discovered that their clients were spending far too much time interviewing candidates.

For a job role, if they shortlisted 20 candidates, their clients had to individually interview all 20 of them, resulting in a lot of work hours per hire.

They conducted their initial screening through telephonic interviews after which the candidate profiles were sent to the clients. While speaking to the candidates, the recruitment team focused on the educational background, their experience, and relied on what their resume presented about their skills. Skill quantification through phone interviews had a limited scope. Their recruitment team lacked the expertise to evaluate the candidate’s technical skills.

Mobile Programing focused on devising a process wherein candidates could be filtered based on assessments and only relevant candidate profiles reached their clients. While they had a raw outline of the hiring process, they looked for an assessment solution that has the maximum number of technical skills & they should be able to upload the questions of the clients. Most of all, it should accelerate the hiring process for their clients, which was the main objective.

The Solution

After much analysis, evaluation, and brain-storming by the core team, Mobile Programming decided to partner with iMocha and started using for technical assessments of the candidates. Every candidate was asked to appear for an assessment pertaining to the job role. Their recruiters no longer rely only on the telephonic interviews. They filtered candidates based on the assessment results and sent these reports to the clients. Their shortlisting of candidates was data-driven rather than relying on the gut feeling of the recruiters.

What benefited Mobile Programming the most was that the reports provided a detailed skill wise analysis of each candidate. In the case of coding assessments, their clients were able to view the detailed code written by candidates and evaluate them accordingly. With the help of reports, their clients could further filter irrelevant candidates.

With a bit of training on the tool, Mobile Programming recruiters developed proficiency in creating apt assessments.

iMocha has a comprehensive library with the latest skill tests. This helped Mobile Programming to choose or create an assessment best suited to the job description provided by the clients.

The time saving and filtered recruitment process enabled Vipin’s team to operate more optimally. Their clients also spent time only interviewing relevant candidates and 90% of the candidates who performed well on assessments did well on interviews too.

Results with iMocha

60% reduction in “Time to Hire” for clients:

Mobile Programming reduced the time to hire for clients by 60%. This was possible because their clients were only investing time in interviewing the right set of candidates. Every company strives for achieving a minimal ratio of time to hire and Mobile Programming helped their clients achieve it.

40% increase in acceptance of candidate profiles by clients:

With an effective hiring setup in place, Mobile Programming weeded out irrelevant candidates after the assessment reports. This ensued in their clients accepting the shortlisted profiles as the filtration was data-driven. This was a win-win situation as quality candidates got placed in leading companies.

Optimal productivity:

The well-structured hiring process increased the overall productivity of the team. Recruiters created assessments for the clients, filtered out irrelevant candidates, and lined up quality candidates for interviews thus saving time and efforts.

Next steps

Mobile Programming used iMocha initially for a few of their clients. Looking at the results, they have decided to roll out this data-driven effective hiring process for all their clients which will provide value addition.

Want to know how to reduce time-to-hire by 60% for your clients?


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