JLL reduces time-to-hire by 55% with iMocha’s skills assessments

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About JLL

JLL is recognized as the global leader in real estate services across hospitality properties of all shapes and sizes. JLL buys, builds, occupies, and invests in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotel real estate.

The Challenge

JLL was looking to hire for the positions of Front-end engineer and Data engineer. However, the hiring process that was followed at JLL was the traditional pen-paper assessments/online documents which involved manual evaluation. Due to this, the hiring process was lengthy, and it sometimes led to losing top candidates to competition.

The Solution

JLL decided to adopt iMocha’s skills assessments for lateral hiring. JLL’s hiring team got together with our Customer Success team to create the right assessments for these two positions. With automated skills assessments, manual evaluation was eliminated, and the in-depth results helped in making data-driven hiring decisions. Before using iMocha, it took almost 3-4 weeks to shortlist candidates and roll out offer letters. With iMocha, candidates were shortlisted and interviewed within a week.

The Result

With iMocha’ automated skills assessments, JLL managed to reduce its time-to-hire by 55% and shortlisted 4 quality candidates.