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How Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance hired skilled technical laterals using short custom tests by Mochaworks delivered within 24-36 hours

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  • Difficulty in identifying technical expertise of candidates
  • Time consuming interview process
  • Traditional interview process unable to identify skills of candidates

About The Company

Founded in 1934 by, the family of companies of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance has grown to include insurance products for auto, life, home, business and farm. In addition to these, banking and other financial services and products are available. With their home offce in Indianapolis and local offces in all 92 counties, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance serves Hoosiers with more than 450 agents and nearly 1,200 employees.

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"Our managers are able to identify exactly who is more technically skilled than others. iMocha assessments give us an accurate idea of what candidates are capable of once they get into the company. Also, SMEs at Mochaworks are quite dedicated in delivering the right assessments very quickly. "

- Stephanie Page, Talent Acquisition Specialist,
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance


To screen in skilled lateral candidates for technical roles in IT department, by using a reliable assessment process

The Solution

Previous Hiring Approach

To test skills of candidates, the company used to arrange a technical interview. The interview would be headed by company’s technical experts. After identifying primary and secondary skills in the Job Description, questions would be curated to test candidates’ dexterity.
This process was unable to screen out technically skilled candidates. Time and eort used up in technical interviews was not reaping much output for the company, and creating a lot of redundancy. An alternate screening process, at the first stage of hiring, was the immediate need.

New Hiring Approach with iMocha assessments

The first round of screening was replaced with iMocha’s assessments. After detailed mapping of primary and secondary skills in the Job Description, ready to use assessments were curated to test technical skills accurately. High quality content was incorporated in these ready to use assessments and they were closely aligned to match job role. Finally, after validating them with global subject matter experts at Mochaworks, invitations were rolled out to candidates.


  • Good response rate from lateral candidates, with 83% invited to appear ratio.
  • Manual efforts replaced with automated screening process, saving time drastically.
  • Candidate performance analytics automatically generated to enable quick shortlisting.
  • Only skill-fit candidates screened in for interviews.

Road Ahead

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance will be using iMocha assessments for upcoming Developer positions in 2022.

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