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Hexaware leverages the power of iMocha & Sumtotal to empower employees with an intuitive learning & development program

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33 Global Locations

  • Designing the framework for competency mapping for 10,000+ employees
  • Finding an assessment platform integrated with Sum Total- Hexaware’s LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Integration with Sum Total
  • Test creation with own questions and iMocha questions
  • Candidate feedback

The Company

Hexaware is a fast-growing and automation-led next-generation provider, with a deep-rooted legacy of delivering excellence in IT, BPO and consulting services and with a rapidly expanding international footprint. This superior performance is driven by a combination of superior strategy, best teams in the world and a culture that is passionate about innovation and automation.

“HexaVarsity has one goal, to nurture a learning culture and help people grow and succeed. With iMocha we found the perfect assessment partner that brought a full circle to our initiative. After the course completion, the assessment provided an apt picture of the consultant’s strengths, skills gained, and laid the platform for further planning”.

Tanuja Pereira,
Senior Manager, Hexaware Technologies

The Challenge

Hexaware has developed and nurtured HexaVarsity, its corporate university aimed at enabling its consultants (employees) to develop their technical and soft skills. They key objectives of HexaVarsity is to;

  • Equip employees with the right skills to make them effective in their current roles
  • Boost employee growth by preparing aspirants for their desired roles
  • Train employees in multiple contemporary skills with an aim of Upskilling

To efficiently manage the learning and development of a large workforce, Hexaware uses SumTotal as its LMS tool. SumTotal empowers Hexaware to map the competencies of its employees and provide the apt training to enhance their skills. With the help of online training courses, Hexaware was able to create a unique training program for each employee, based on their current job role, and the skills required to enhance their performance. While its employees could just log in to SumTotal and start their desired course, there was no assessment in place to evaluate the skills they had acquired. Hexaware was using iMocha as its assessment partner for hiring, and was keen to replicate it for its training program as well. They needed iMocha to integrate with SumTotal so that they could complete the entire loop of training - from selecting the course, learning, and the assessment.

The Solution

iMocha’s team provided the necessary assistance for a seamless integration with SumTotal. A process was designed wherein, an employee could login into SumTotal, and select the desired course. After the completion of the course, they could simply click on the test link and complete the test. The test results would be available in SumTotal and the employee/ Learning & Development manager could decide on the next course of action. With this, Hexaware could track the learning and development roadmap for all its employees in a single platform. Additionally, the employees did not have to create a different login to take the tests. The iMocha solution has also set up a cooling period of 7 days, wherein a particular test can be reattempted only after a period of 7 days from the first attempt.

The Result

Hexaware now has an incredible human capital management in place. The integration with iMocha has provided them an end-to-end solution that complements their “LearnToGrow” initiative. They can now easily map the training and development plans for their workforce. So far, around 8000+ employees have taken iMocha tests for various skills.

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