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Employee First : How Hexaware is working towards Up skilling & Cross skilling with iMocha

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  • Unable to find the current proficiency of the consultants for various skills
  • Designing an unbiased, data-driven process for Upskilling & cross-skilling
  • Need of an automated & scalable solution
  • Comprehensive skill assessment library
  • Custom test/ question creation
  • Creating assessment for various proficiency levels
  • Integration with LMS platform- Sumtotal

The Company

Hexaware is a fast-growing and automation-led next-generation provider, with a deep-rooted legacy of delivering excellence in IT, BPO and consulting services and with a rapidly expanding international footprint. This superior performance is driven by a combination of superior strategy, best teams in the world and a culture that is passionate about innovation and automation

“We were studying industry trends and it was clear that Learning and Development was going to be the game changer. It was then that we decided to have a consultant centric plan, which would be designed to provide the best learning environment to our consultants (employees) ”

Tanuja Pereira,
Senior Manager, Hexaware Technologies

The Vision : Where it all started

The world of corporate learning and development has witnessed a sea change in recent times. With talent scarcity and the skills gap increasing, companies are investing in their talent force more than ever. According to Training Magazine, U.S Training expenditures are estimated to have risen 32.5% to $90.6 billion in 2017. With a recent Mckinsey report predicting that half of the 3.9 million-strong workforce in IT services firms will become irrelevant, organizations are continuously in the process of identifying high potential employees who can continue to work on complex product threads and keep suites of products relevant in the future. Most importantly, desired skill sets are constantly evolving.

Corporate HR at Hexaware, Tanuja, anticipated these changes and envisioned an articulate people strategy that emphasized on build and develop.

The Design : Why employee first

Hexaware was keen to introduce an employee first approach to learning and development. However, when learning is made mandatory and linked with appraisals the employees feel burdened and program loses its initiative.

Tanuja and her team were unanimous in their opinion that no training or learning course was to be forced down upon their consultants (Hexaware employees), instead their consultants were free to choose the course and chart their own paths for career growth. This added to a sense of belonging and accountability. Invariably, the consultants were the owners of their own success and growth.

In an industry riddled with high attrition rates, Hexaware claims to have the lowest attrition rate thanks to its unique work culture and holistic development. The Hexaware team was keen to continue providing the same environment. Hexaware tied up with leading online educational portals to provide the necessary infrastructure to their consultants.

The process : Implementation architecture

HexaVarsity, their corporate university, is their innovative platform for talent management, fresher’s training, and competency mapping. Hexaware has launched a ‘Evolve’ initiative that creates and nurtures a transformative learning culture. They designed learning initiatives into enterprise level initiatives and engagement level initiatives. The enterprise level initiatives can be applied across the organization, while the engagement level initiatives are specific to customer accounts.

Hexaware’s team tied up with a leading e-learning portal for various skill and learning courses. Hexavarsity had a bank of numerous courses for various levels of learnings:

Organizational Development Initiative:

It is a program focused on competencies and is built around various primary competencies such as accountability and ownership, strategic thinking, planning, collaboration, and customer focus.

Behavioral, Management and Leadership Program:

Focused and built around the core competencies identified within the organization.

Technical Competency Development Program:

The program has identified various key domain and technical competencies, and the dimensions that define the scope and the coverage of each competency. Each competency includes five proficiency levels, ranging from basic to expert. The TQ framework maps the competencies to the roles defined in the organization.

Fresher Training Program:

The FTP is a program for fresh engineering and non-engineering graduates who are recruited directly from campuses or through off-campus recruitments. The programs’ objective is to bridge the perceived gap between the education imparted in colleges and that expected by the IT industry.


Link-N-Learn is a peer-to-peer learning initiative, which promotes sharing, and learning across multiple business aspects such as best practices, experiences, solutions, challenges and success. This program is oriented toward middle and senior management consultants.

Customer Centric Talent Development Program:

The CTaDel program aims to make employees work on the account that they are assigned. It also plans to support continuous learning for existing employees assigned to a particular account.

Hexaware utilized the services of Sum Total, a learning management solution that helped to manage the entire workflow

Need of an assessment partner

With the e-learning portal and LMS in place, Hexaware’s team realized that they needed an assessment partner to complete their loop. Assessments were important to map the progress of the consultant and plan further. Hexaware wanted the flexibility to create assessments using their own questions.

With iMocha, Hexaware created tailor-made assessments for each learning course. The assessment reports provided a deep insight into the learnings of their consultants. The consultants could also measure their progress and decide the areas where they required additional efforts.

Success with iMocha

Hexaware is planning to assess 8000 consultants using iMocha. Implementation of Mocha has provided Hexaware with a potent tool to assess the knowledge of its employees for various skills.

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