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4dot5 built recruitment marketplace with iMocha’s ready to use APIs

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  • Quick integrations
  • Creating the perfect recruiting platform for clients
  • Ready to use RESTful API
  • Comprehensive test library
  • Customized assessments

About 4dot5

4dot5 aims to provide a multitude of services through a deep understanding of the profile of individuals, needs of the corporations and capabilities of the institutions which it serves. At the core of its offering is a proprietary algorithm that dives deep into the "assets" made available to the underlying platform to provide a path for skill improvement and career growth for individuals, talent search, talent hiring, and performance management for corporations as well as an opportunity for learning institutions to play a big role in this marketplace.

“iMocha’s platform is a key component of our go to market strategy. By providing the ability to use pre-built assessments and also enabling build-your-own questions, we are better able to quickly serve our clients with a platform to assess candidates.”

Arjun Rajgopalan,
Founder & CEO

What they were looking for in their Assessment Partner

4dot5 wanted to create an assessment platform to help its clients streamline their hiring process. Market analysis helped 4dot5 to pencil in the key areas that their customers were facing problems in terms of recruitment. In creating such an assessment platform, 4dot5 needed an assessment partner that could provide with the necessary framework to build a product that clients would love.

Seamless integration:

To develop their product, the main pre-requisite was an assessment partner who had ready to use APIs. API integration development and execution requires an extensive amount of time. Seamless API integration was a critical element when deciding on an assessment partner.

Comprehensive test library:

With a diverse range of customers, 4dot5 needed to have an assessment library that catered to assessments for various job roles, latest technologies, and coding as well.

Value added service:

4dot5 wanted to provide value addition to their customers (Hiring teams) by giving them a platform where they can assess the candidates for various skills along with their other product features. 4dot5 wanted to be a one-stop-shop for their customers where assessing skills were concerned.

How iMocha helped

Ready to use APIs for integration:

iMocha provided 4dot5 with APIs which made the integration process quick and easy. Ready to use APIs were used to serve the clients – better and faster. Through the APIs, 4dot5’s customers were able to access iMocha assessments, share with their candidates, and view the reports.

Assessment library with the latest tests:

4Dot5s core segment of expertize is STEM and iMocha’s comprehensive assessment library provided all the latest skill tests for STEM and various other technologies. Besides these, skill tests like Business Analyst, Coding, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, English Proficiency, MS Office, were also used.

Dedicated customer success manager:

iMocha introduced a dedicated Customer Success Manager who helped them with the proper implementation of the APIs. Since 4dot5 is creating a product, they needed a partner who understood the product & helped to make customizations in the APIs.

Success with iMocha

Quick API integration:

iMocha already has APIs in place which reduces the integration process by almost 60%. 4dot5 leveraged APIs to provide its customers with an assessment platform that cut down their hiring time by almost 50%.

Enhanced customer experience:

Through iMocha’s API integration, 4dot5 has taken its customer experience several notches higher. A delighted customer is always the mark of a successful start-up, which 4dot5 has achieved in a remarkably short time. Customers were happy with the quality of assessments, ease of use, and insightful reports that helped speed up the recruitment process.

Own assessment creation:

With iMocha, 4dot5 could create unique assessments for their customers by using their own questions. Moreover, even their customers could build their own assessments, which provided flexibility. Customers used a combination of their own questions and questions from iMocha’s skill library to create suitable assessments and shortlist quality candidates.

The way ahead

iMocha has become an integral part of 4dot5s Go-to-Market Strategy. 4dot5 and Interview are working closely to build a world class product & a marketplace specializing in bringing together individuals, corporations, and learning institutions to an ecosystem that is beneficial for all.

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