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Customer Challenges

Evaluation of coding skills - The company was looking to expand its team by hiring tech talent for entry-level positions. However, one of the biggest challenges for technical recruitment was the evaluation of coding skills. Instead of relying on resumes and university projects, Coupa wanted the candidates to showcase their coding skills through an automated test. Besides coding skills, Coupa also wanted to assess the candidates on aptitude skills.

Tough competition from other companies - In the absence of an assessment partner, the process was taking time which led to many candidates being hired by other companies.  

Lengthy time-to-hire - The hiring cycle was exhausting and consumed a lot of hours. This meant missing out on high-quality hires due to unwanted delays.  

Information Technology Services
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Campus Hiring
HR System
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iMocha Solution

Coupa wanted to transform their University Hiring strategy to make it more effective and efficient

  • Creating the ideal job-targeting skills assessments: They partnered with iMocha to create tests for entry-level tech hiring roles. The test consisted of aptitude and coding questions. Using iMocha, Coupa could add their own questions to the test. Coupa designed a test that was concise, had clear and crisp questions, and provided a good candidate experience.

  • Unique value addition with the ‘Code Replay’ feature: The ‘Code Replay’ feature gave a line-by-line playback of the code written by the candidates. This helped them determine the Code Quality, Cleanliness, and the candidate’s approach to the solution.

Why iMocha

With iMocha, get flexible, automated, innovative solutions to make intelligent talent decisions at any scale.

Coding Simulators

iMocha's coding simulators combined with customized, calibrated coding questions, empowered Coupa to hire cream talent from universities.

Code Replay

The ‘Code Replay’ feature helped the hiring team determine the code quality and candidate’s approach to coding.

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