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Lets face it, recruiting data scientists is difficult. You know you have to fill this role, but you’re dreading the time and effort it takes to find the best candidate for your team. This feeling is made even worse when you consider that the hiring success rate for this type of role is below 50%.

Learn how to speed up the process and find those culture-fit Purple Squirrels every time with a FREE copy of our all-in-one Data Science Recruitment Kit.

Inside the kit, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Enhance your recruitment pipeline
  2. Understand where your candidates are and what they expect from their recruiters
  3. Quickly create data science job descriptions and interview questions with examples and templates

Get Access to Templates, Guides & Bonus Materials

Data Science Recruitment White Paper

This resource showcases exactly how to establish a Data Science Recruitment pipeline, a review of the state of Data Science recruitment in 2021, pitfalls to avoid while recruiting, and the way ahead.

Data Scientist Hiring Guide and Job Description Template

Use this guide and template to customise your own JD understand the demographics of the Data Scientist Candidate Pool.

Hire From Home Cheat Sheet

A bonus for recruiters to ensure success in today’s remote-first hiring environment.

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