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AI-EnglishPro Pricing
1000 Assessments
1 Admin License
  • All-in-one business English assessment for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills
  • Globally recognized CEFR standard reports & analytics
  • Largest Cambridge-certified word corpus for vocabulary profiling
  • Easily meet hiring & L&D needs for communication skills
  • Maintain integrity with fraud detection, impersonation & cheating prevention
  • Single test to measure coding skills and business English proficiency

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Your plan covers

Assess your talent’s listening comprehension with lexical linking, accent, tone and language understanding. Measure the ability to decode words and sounds.
Evaluate oral fluency of your talent with critical pronunciation mistakes and detailed vocabulary analysis. Leverage AI to automatically detect use of correct English for speaking skills.
Gauge your talent’s reading comprehension in business scenarios with inference checking, language understanding, memory & attention span, grammar and lexical linking.
Check out your talent’s ability to write effectively in a real-life business situation. Measure email writing skills, grammar, word count benchmark and get a unique CEFR breakdown of written vocabulary.
Skills Intelligence
Make intelligent data-backed decisions without any biases with auto-evaluation, individual real-time reports with sub-skill analysis, skill benchmarking and Individual Development Plan (Launching Soon).
AI-Cheating Prevention
Prevent cheating and ensure integrity of assessments with Safe Assessment Browser, AI-powered smart proctoring technology. Detect fraud, identity theft & impersonation with Candidate Identity Verification.
24x7 Customer Support
From implementation, onboarding, training to regular business reviews and 24x7 support, our Customer Success team is with you for every step of your hiring as well as learning & development journey.

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Get integration with internal systems, custom reports, custom APIs, customized assessments, combined assessments with technical and coding skills, white labelling on request
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine AI-EnglishPro assessments with Coding and other industry-based assessments?
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Yes! You can evaluate Business English along with coding, technical as well as non-technical assessments. Connect with our team to create combined assessments.
Can I customise AI-EnglishPro assessments by adding my own questions? Will the tool auto-generate analytics for my questions as well?
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Yes! You can add, delete and even edit questions in each of the AI-EnglishPro assessments. All scores will be automatically generated for your questions with high accuracy.
Can these assessments be taken on Mobiles and Laptops both?
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Yes, all AI-EnglishPro assessments work seamlessly on both laptop as well as the mobile.
Can I proctor these assessments?
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Yes, you can! iMocha offers a range of AI-powered smart proctoring features to prevent cheating, detect impersonation and flag violations.
Can I assess Listening skills for both US and UK accents?
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Yes, you can add UK and US accent questions in the Listening Section.
Do you provide assessments exclusively for BPO roles?
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Yes, you can explore the plan for assessments at scale.