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May 4, 2023

iMocha to Discuss the Increasing Complexity of Skills and the Urgent Need for Skills Intelligence at ATD 2023 International Conference

iMocha to explore rising complexity of skills & need for skills intelligence at the ATD 2023 International Conference. Join to get new strategies from experts

San Diego and Pune, India, May 4, 2023– iMocha, the world's leading skills intelligence and skills assessment platform, will be participating in the ATD 2023 International Conference. At the conference, iMocha's founders will be leading the discussions on building skills-first organizations, the rising complexity of tech skills and the imperative for organizations to adopt skills-first processes and framework to gain a competitive edge. During this conference, iMocha team will be sharing insights from the recent research conducted with EY and shedding light on what is driving the complexity of skills, how skills are transforming and the best practices from skills transformation leaders.

On the changing skills landscape, Amit D Mishra, CEO and Founder of iMocha, commented, “Over the last decade, we’ve seen accelerated change in job roles and skill needs. Organizations that have taken a multi-disciplinary approach to developing granular, real-time intelligence into an organization’s skills inventory have remained competitive.”

At the conference, Amit D Mishra will be speaking on the topic, “Unleash Skills Intelligence to Gain a Winning Edge” on May 24th at 8:00 AM. This session will provide practical insights and actionable tips for talent development and management leaders on building skills profile for employees and organizational skill meter which will enable them to build a skills-fit, future ready organization.

iMocha - EY’s report ‘Tech Skills Transformation’ indicates that approximately only 1 in 5 organizations have built skills taxonomy – an essential building block to knowing the inventory of skills. At the ATD 2023 International Conference, iMocha will share more findings and innovative strategies to address these challenges and help organizations thrive in the digital age.

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Join iMocha at the ATD 2023 International Conference to build a smarter skill-planet.

About iMocha

iMocha is a skills intelligence and assessment platform that enables talent leaders to make smarter talent decisions with its skills-first insights. 500+ organizations across 70+ countries trust iMocha’s platform to acquire job-fit talent faster and to measure the ROI from their talent development initiatives.

It empowers talent teams with the world’s largest skill library with assessments for 2500+ skills, AI-LogicBox (AI-based pseudo-coding simulator), AI-EnglishPro (AI-powered language analyzer), skill benchmarking, upskilling dashboard, talent analytics, proctoring, fraud detection, and custom assessment consulting, etc. For more about iMocha, visit www.imocha.i

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