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January 18, 2024

iMocha introduces its advanced AI-Skills Match to simplify Talent Acquisition

iMocha introduces its advanced AI-Skills Match to simplify Talent Acquisition

Pune – iMocha, the leading AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud platform today announced the launch of its innovative AI-Skills Match Engine. This feature, part of its Talent Acquisition suite, aggregates and refines external talent, delivering a very accurate match of the candidates and the Job requisition, incorporating the organization’s job architecture using AI.

The system integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors and other Application-Tracking Systems. Hence, helping HR leaders gather all job applications in one place, assess them against the job’s primary and secondary skill requirements, and validate each candidate’s skills through AI.

Commenting on the launch, Amit Mishra, Founder & CEO of iMocha said, “Since the introduction of our Skills Intelligence Cloud in 2023, we have broadened our worldwide reach and witnessed a growing demand from enterprises in the United States, Middle East, Europe, and India. The introduction of AI-Skills Match reflects our unwavering dedication to ongoing innovation, as we endeavor to enhance our Talent Acquisition solutions with cutting-edge AI enhancements. Selecting the ideal candidate for a role holds paramount importance in any company’s achievements, and our skill-matching engine plays a pivotal role in making this process more accurate and skill-centric. This, in turn, supports our customers in their pursuit of a ‘Skills-First’ transformation.”

Adding further, Vishal Madan, Vice President, Head of Engineering & Information Security at iMocha, said, “Our new AI-Skills Match tool evaluates each applicant using two AI engines. One matches job-specific skills with the applicant’s resume, and the other considers secondary factors like location, certifications, and industry background to create an Ideal Candidate Profile. This AI intervention into the conventional candidate screening process not only reduces time but also eliminates any risks of unconscious bias or other human-induced errors during the hiring process”.

In today’s competitive job market, where companies struggle to sift through vast numbers of resumes, iMocha’s AI-Skills Match feature stands as a transformative tool for recruiters and Talent Acquisition leaders. It efficiently identifies the most suitable candidates for specific job roles, thus reducing hiring time and improving overall candidate quality. In an era where skills are increasingly valued over degrees, the implementation of such a tool is a significant advancement in the recruitment process, promoting a more effective and focused approach to talent acquisition.

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