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March 12, 2023

Upskilling tools: Helping people retain their jobs in the era of AI

Upskilling tools: Helping people retain their jobs in the era of AI .Future-Proof Your Career with the Power of upskilling and reskilling

March 12, 2023 - Regardless of your industry or key performance indicators, it’s evident that work in 2023 is vastly different from before. With the rise of AI-led tools that automate and optimize work processes, additional or new skills are necessary to thrive in this new era. The changes are far-reaching, with almost everyone needing to acquire skills essential for hybrid or remote work in a “virtual-first” environment where team engagement and collaboration practices differ.

Similarly, some of the past skills are also becoming redundant with AI-automation taking over basic processes. However, instead of viewing technology as a threat, it is crucial for today’s workforce to identify critical skills and upskill themselves to remain relevant, not only in the present but also in the future. Possessing skills that not only keep pace with evolving technologies but also boost productivity will confer a considerable advantage. We can observe that nearly every tech company is striving to adopt a leaner business model that favors employees who continually enhance their core competencies over those with fixed skillsets.

Moreover, upskilling is a wise investment as it not only improves growth prospects and job stability but is also more convenient and affordable due to the availability of various tools, such as:

Online learning platforms – E-learning platforms offer a diversity of skill development courses in various fields. These self-paced, online learning courses offer ample flexibility of acquiring knowledge and skills alongside your existing job and provide industry-recognized certifications to boost your profile. In fact, various reputed institutions have also started collaborating with such platforms for the hybrid (weekend classes), and self-paced learning programmes that you can benefit from.

Digital learning and skill assessment tools – AI-led cloud platforms have come across as breakthrough enablers that can help employers identify the emerging skills in respective fields and determine whether you need to be upskilled. Most of the large organizations provide upskilling through integration of such tools, and they can also use them to assess existing employees or chart a course of skill development that will keep their existing workforce future ready.

These market-leading platforms offer skill assessments in a variety of options and can be easily integrated into the organization’s HR or hiring platforms for end-to-end assessment and talent management needs starting from pre-employment engagement of candidates to their interview, skill assessment, hiring and lifecycle management through upskilling.

Webinars – There are subject matter experts in each field, and you can find pre-recorded or live webinars conducted by such experts who can offer learnings and certifications upon completion of such digital courses and enhance your knowledge.

Podcasts – Similar to webinars, Podcasts have also become increasingly popular as a learning avenue, especially for topics such as leadership, soft-skill development and even understanding technology. A number of podcasts can now be accessed on various platforms.

E-books – E-books are ideal for anyone who is passionate about reading, but doesn’t have time to sit back in study rooms and browse through volumes. Today, e-books are available on topics ranging from personal to professional development, specific skills to general upskilling related to specific job roles. One can read these on the go on devices like smartphones, and benefit from the knowledge.

Professional networks – In the digital world, professional networks have rapidly grown online. From the good old industry and skill-based associations to universal professional networks like LinkedIn, and offline as well as online industry events, significant networking opportunities are now available. Through discussion forums, articles, blogs, and social media engagement, employees can learn about new skills, and share knowledge with each other.

Mentoring – Identifying and approaching mentors and professional coaches who can offer quality career development, upskilling, and operational guidance is one of the most impactful options today. Mentors are experts who have hands-on expertise, and can help people set their learning goals, give constructive and personalized feedback on important matters, and show ways to expedite growth or learning.

Social learning communities – One of the biggest advantages of digital learning is that it enables mutual sharing of knowledge, experiences and techniques to benefit the community members. These groups have experts and learning resources as well as learners who have different experiences with the diversity of learning tools, and through discussions and engagement with each other, learners can not only identify the best options for themselves, but also encourage and support others in their learning journeys.


In the world of AI-driven and SaaS solutions, skills and knowledge have shorter lifespans than ever, making upskilling and reskilling essential for job continuity and growth. Therefore, it is no longer an option but a critical enabler to ensure long-term employability, financial security, and career growth. Thankfully, AI-led skill assessment platforms and learning tools serve as significant support systems in overcoming the automation challenges of the future of work.

It’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest skills and practices to remain relevant in the face of technological advancements, and regular reskilling is the way to do so. With the aid of AI-driven platforms and learning tools, individuals can assess their skills and identify gaps and work towards bridging them to stay on top of the rapidly changing job market.

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