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Quality content on various skills, we talk more about this below

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The Future of Pre-employment Assessment Software Lies
In Being The Amazon Of Skills Assessment

Skills are changing every 10 years. An in house expert for every specific skill isn’t feasible, getting a consultant will be expensive, & creating the right assessment won't be easy. That’s why you need an Amazon of skills assessment so that you can choose the right product (skill test) according to your job description.

iMocha’s ready to use assessments are -


Latest technology version questions added regularly


Next generation job-role skills added regularly


Highly customizable tests to suit your job requirements

Right Pre-employment Assessment Software
Will Help You In Many Ways

The future Of hiring is based on skills, first.
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Loss of Not Using a Pre-employment Testing Software

How can iMocha’s proactive assessment experts help you?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-employment testing software?

Pre-employment testing software is a tool that help recruiters and hiring managers to identify the right fit candidates from the talent pool with its ready to use job skill tests. These tools are designed to evaluate candidates based on their skills, knowledge, job readiness and make a right hiring decision.

Pre-employment testing software covers both ready-to-use and customized role-based tests. It enables recruiters and hiring managers to add their own questions to create quick assessments. Candidates are invited remotely and real-time test results can be seen with intuitive reports to evaluate and compare candidates.

Pre-employment testing solutions is an important part of the recruitment process and that’s why best software are usually integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS). If you are looking to assess the specific technical skills of a candidate than you can use iMocha a technical skill assessment software.

What is the main purpose of pre-employment testing software?

The primary purpose of pre-employment testing software is to identify the right applicants to perform well on the job. Use of this pre-employment screening software have some additional advantages, such as reduced time-to-hire and cost-to-hire. They make the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s work easy by eliminating poor fit applicants. Pre-employment testing software brings an objectivity into recruitment process by providing detailed results that can be used to reject or select a candidate. Recruiters then can use this data to make informed decision.

How Should I Find the Best Pre-employment Testing Software?

The right pre-employment testing software provides an opportunity to assess applicants based on their skills, knowledge, ability to perform, and behavior. For every organization an online pre-employment testing as integral part of hiring process. But with all the pre-employment testing tools available in the market, finding the best can be daunting.

You can consider the below guidelines while selecting the best pre-employment testing platform:

  • Decide your hiring objective: To get the desired outcome from your recruitment process you need to first decide the hiring objectives and how a pre-employment testing software is going to help you achieve them.
  • Identify the type of pre-employment assessments will serve the purpose: Once you know your hiring objectives, decide what kind of assessments will help you evaluate applicant’s skills, knowledge, and ability to perform. The types of pre-employment assessments are
    • Technical skills test
    • Cognitive ability test
    • Situational judgment test
    • Communication skills test
    • Job simulation test
    • Personality assessment
  • Know what are the benefits of pre-employment testing software: The purpose of using this software could be same but different software available in the market provide different benefits. Try to find out the pre-employment software benefits that help you meet your hiring goals. While finding out the best software look for below benefits:
    • Reduced administration
    • Ready-to-use tests, analysis and detailed reports
    • Automatic grading
    • One-click integration with ATSs
    • AI-proctoring
    • Video interview
    • 24x7 support

Can I test pre-employment software before purchasing it?

Yes. If you want to get a free trial of iMocha's skills assessment platform (with limited usage), you can reach out to [email protected]. A representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements, and set up a trial account for a period of 15 days

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