Choose the right pre-employment assessment software to screen applicants

The #1 Pre employment Testing Software with 1500+ Job Tests
Do you know the top 3 things clients look for before using a pre-employment testing software?

Quality content on various skills, we talk more about this below

An easy to use UI/UX for a smooth assessment experience

An enterprise-ready platform - AI, analytics, SSO, integrations, & more

The Future of Pre-employment Assessment Software Lies
In Being The Amazon Of Skills Assessment

Skills are changing every 10 years. An in house expert for every specific skill isn’t feasible, getting a consultant will be expensive, & creating the right assessment won't be easy. That’s why you need an Amazon of skills assessment so that you can choose the right product (skill test) according to your job description.

iMocha’s ready to use assessments are -


Latest technology version questions added regularly


Next generation job-role skills added regularly


Highly customizable tests to suit your job requirements

Right Pre-employment Assessment Software
Will Help You In Many Ways

The future Of hiring is based on skills, first.
Is your recruitment process revolving around this?

Loss of Not Using a Pre-employment Testing Software

How can iMocha’s proactive assessment experts help you?


What is pre-employment testing software?

  • Pre-employment testing software includes ready to use proctored assessments that are customizable and allows recruiters to add their own questions to create quick and fun assessments. Candidates are invited remotely and real-time test results can be seen with intuitive reports to evaluate and compare candidates.

  • Pre-employment assessment software assesses candidates on psychometric, aptitude, soft and specific skills according to the job role to help recruiters make informed hiring decisions based on analytical data. So, employment assessment software can be generic (for all job roles) or industry focused, providing job-specific assessments.

  • Pre-employment testing solutions is an important part of the recruitment process and that’s why best software are usually integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS). If you are looking to assess the specific technical skills of a candidate than you can use iMocha a technical skill assessment software.

What is the hiring/recruitment testing software?

Pre-Employment testing software is also called as hiring assessment software or a recruitment testing software, where the motive is to hire candidates through assessments., that may be to check their learning quotient, IQ, aptitude, technical skills or something more specific according to the job role. So don’t get confused with the terms as it is used interchangeably and means the same.

What is an applicant/candidate testing software?

In candidate testing software, candidate means anyone who will be assessed while giving an exam, quiz or test. The purpose can vary that may be to hire someone for a job or to get an appraisal, to enroll for a course, etc. The same fact is true for an applicant testing software where the word applicant and candidate are used interchangeably.

Which are the best pre-employment assessment software?

Listing platforms like G2crowd, softwaresuggest, capterra have already listed the top performing assessment software which are scored according to their own parameters but don’t rely completely on those listings as all are paid versions. It’s better you evaluate the software on your own by signing up, getting a free demo and evaluating the assessment software through a checklist. This stands true not just for iMocha but our competitors as well. In case you want a detailed comparison you can use the details in eSkill vs iMocha and Criteria Corp vs iMocha that can give you the right details.

What is employee testing software or employee assessment software?

Employee testing software and employee assessment software both have the same meaning. When companies want to train their employees they assess skills before and after the training to measure how much the employee knew, on which specific skills the employee needs training to how much an employee has learned in the training session. Some companies also assess their employees for appraisals and promotions, we talk more about this in the blog.

What is a talent assessment software?

Talent assessment signifies the assessment of a candidates skills in which they have experience. When a talented candidate has to be interviewed and you don’t have an in-house expert having the same experience, companies usually use talent assessment software. Although the word talent is interchangeably used with applicant and candidate.

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