Live Coding Interview

Live video interview to assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment

Live Coding Interview
Remotely conduct live coding interviews by assessing candidate programming skills in a real-time coding environment
  • Code pairing

    Leverage remote code pairing to brainstorm and generate diverse solutions

  • Identify candidate communication skills

    Identify candidate communication skills

  • Benchmark tactical aspects, code katas, and coding styles

    Benchmark tactical aspects, code katas, and coding styles in real-time

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How iMocha’s Live Coding Interview platform works
In-built code editor
  • 20+ programming languages
  • Predefined code stubs for each language and question
  • Change language on the go
In-built code editor
Real-time collaboration
Real-time collaboration
  • Interviewer can edit candidate’s code remotely
  • Provide custom inputs to improve code efficiency
  • View live results of code compilation
Comprehensive Interview Rating
  • Each interviewer can individually review and rate candidate
  • Capture consistent feedback on all required skills
  • Replay interviews key by key with Code Replay
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Comparative reports
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