Innovative pseudo-coding platform to assess functional programmers for skills where online coding compilers are not available

Why AI-LogicBox?

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Coding Simulator are most widely used question types to assess for technologies where online coding compilers and IDE are not available. Some of these technologies are


iMocha' AI-powered question type, AI-LogicBox allows for fun and quick coding assessments while eliminating the guesswork that is typical of Multiple Choice Questions

  • Coding simulation questions for technologies that do not have coding compilers
  • Focus only on the problem's logic
ailogic box
  • Candidate will need to write only code snippets
  • Time-bound sections to identify candidate effectiveness

Customers Love iMocha

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"My team absolutely loved how iMocha helped us create effective Data Science assessments with a combination of their LogicBox questions and our own set of questions. Ultimately helped us save a lot of competency evaluation time and efforts for a niche role like Data Scientist."

- Carlos Garcia, Ericsson

iMocha's AI-LogicBox repository has 1,500 questions including

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"I like how Mocha’s LogicBox question allows me to focus entirely on our candidates’ approach to a problem rather than have them spend time on writing the entire code from scratch. Helped me shortlist only those candidates who were talented in ReactJS, making my job easier."

- Hiring Manager, Altran

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iMocha AI-LogicBox

Know how AI-LogicBox helps to assess functional skills of candidates where online compilers are not available      


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