Advanced cheating prevention techniques that ensure candidate integrity

Cheating Prevention
Real-time image proctoring
Real-time image proctoring
Track a candidate's test progress with the help of real-time image proctoring that captures images of the candidate during the test. The system raises a flag if the candidate has used any unfair means while attempting the test.
Window lock with test termination
Secure the virtual environment of the test platform with window violation. With this feature, candidates are restricted to move out of the test window. Test administrators can view the number and duration for which the candidate has attempted to go out of the test window.
A dashboard shows the candidate window violation report during the assessment
A dashboard where Randomization for questions and answers options can be selected
Randomization for questions and answers
Every question appears randomly from the question bank, which has 100s of questions. Moreover, the answers are also randomized to minimize chances of cheating during bulk tests.
Audio proctoring
Monitor the candidate's background voice activity during the test. The system screens the audio and raises a red flag on the detection of any suspicious voice activity.
Audio Proctoring Recording for Candidate Voice Analysis During Online Assessment
Video Proctoring
Video proctoring
View a detailed recording of visual responses of the candidate while attempting the test. Video proctoring ensures that the candidate focuses on the test and refrains from indulging in unfair means.
IP ranges
Decide the IP ranges from which the test can be attempted. An extremely useful feature during campus and bulk hiring where the test attempts are restricted to a few preselected IPs, ensuring authentication.
IP Range selection for Campus Recruitment