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Angular Developer Job Description

Here is a angular developer job description template to help you create a clear job description. Utilize it to find the right candidate for the job.

Job Brief

We are seeking to hire an Angular Developer to join our team! As an Angular Developer, you will be asked to build high-performing web applications using numerous Angular software.

As an Angular Developer, your role in the company may include building a top-quality coding base, single page application (SPA) with java coding, and optimal applications for our user base. You will also be required to collaborate with UX designers, backend developers, and project managers to create software solutions that fulfill business needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design and develop high-performing and responsive web applications using Angular JS best practices.
  • Write clean and efficient JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes.
  • Conduct product analysis tasks.
  • Connect with other team members, such as UX designers, project managers, and back-developers to deliver quality work.
  • Analyze and resolve debugging issues in the application code to maintain the sustainability of the application.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular (v6 and above), HTML, and CSS.
  • Manage all code compliance with respect to the standards set by the company.
  • Coordinate with the backend team to create, test and execute code that merges with live streams and API endpoints.
  • Create system configuration functions using a component-based architecture.
  • Perform troubleshooting bugs and issue resolution.
  • Hands-on experience in developing modularized or template-based implementation.
  • Create User Interface for Modern Rich Internet Applications.
  • Perform product analysis and development tasks that may require extensive research and analysis.
  • Build application performance through JavaScript profiling and code optimization.

Requirements and Skills

  • Practical knowledge of AngularJS, Angular 2+, and TypeScript
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, computer engineering, or similar
  • Good understanding of UI/UX design principles
  • Excellent Node.JS and Express knowledge
  • Experience with database technologies (e.g., MySQL and MongoDB)
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Strong knowledge of CSS, HTML, and writing cross-browser compatible code.
  • Experience using JavaScript building tools like Gulp or Grunt
  • Familiarity and sensibilities with UX and design application and execution
  • Good comprehension of server-side CSS pre-processors such as Stylus, Less
  • Comfortable with Java and JavaScript (workflow and decision engines)
  • Good understanding/familiarity with Kafka and Mongo
  • Should be a team player and have strong attention to detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

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Average Salary

The salary of an Angular Developer varies depending on the experience, region, and organization. The average salary of an Angular Developer in the United States is roughly $117,000 per year. In the United Kingdom, Angular Developer earns about £52,500 per year, while it is almost close to 4.5 Lakhs in India.

Common Angular Developer Job Titles

The most common careers in Angular Developer include the following roles.

  • Angular JS Programmer/Developer: Build interactive web applications using the Angular JS framework and create reusable components for complex functionalities.
  • Angular JS Frontend Developer: To create and implement user interface components within the application, one must be adept at testing and debugging applications.
  • Angular Developer: Develop application logic, define the user interface, and write code to design interactive components.

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  • Angular Frontend Engineer: Create, test, maintain, and improve the user interface of web applications and must be able to understand user requirements, write efficient code, and more.
  • Angular Full Stack Developer: Create end-to-end applications and have strong framework knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an Angular Developer?
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Angular developers are highly skilled JavaScript developers who write efficient codes to adapt web application interfaces. Additionally, the role of Angular Developer incorporates building Single Page Applications with java codes.

What are the skill sets required for Angular Developer?
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Angular developers are required to have the following technical and non-technical abilities:


  • TypeScript and ES6
  • Directive based architectures
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX and RESTful service
  • RxJS, Redux, and NgRx
  • Webpack and Gulp
  • Bootstrap and Material Design
  • Debugging and performance tuning
  • cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Azure


  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Details
  • Collaboration

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Is Angular still in demand?
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Yes, Angular is highly in-demand technology. In a survey conducted by Uplers, it has been discovered that Angular is one of the most in-demand JavaScript languages in the tech field, with 20.39% of web developers using it.

Which language is used in Angular?
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Angular is a platform and framework language that utilizes HTML and TypeScript, a Microsoft-created and maintained open-source programming language.

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