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Skills-first Workforce Transformation with iMocha and SAP SuccessFactors 

In today's business landscape, Talent Leaders are facing significant challenges of identifying job-fit candidates, addressing skills gaps, and showcasing program ROI.

A skills-first approach is crucial for transforming enterprises with iMocha’s Skills Intelligence Cloud™ and SAP SuccessFactors integration.

Data-Driven Talent Decisions, Skills-first Approach

Skills Intelligence

Skills-first approach for data-driven talent decisions
  • Up-to-date Skills Inventory
  • Skill-gap Analysis
  • Skills Matching
  • Skills Benchmarking
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Skill Content Library

Talent Acquisition

Accelerated Hiring with a Skills-first Approach
  • Remote Hiring
  • Diversity Hiring
  • Campus Hiring
  • Contingent Workforce Hiring
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Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Skills-first approach to Objective L&D Programs
  • Career Planning
  • Career Development
  • AI-Skills Match Internal Mobility
  • Workforce Agility
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Talent Development
Skill Content Library
Skills-first approach for
Data-Driven Talent Decisions
The four-part journey of inventory strengths, pinpoint gaps, unleash potential through seamless matching, and benchmark against industry leaders optimizes your workforce, unlocking innovation, engagement, and future-proof success.
Talent Acquisition
Improve the Quality of your Talent Pipeline for Recruitment
Evolving business? Hire smarter! iMocha & SAP SuccessFactors team up for skills-first recruitment, powered by analytics. Shape your future workplace, one talent at a time.
Talent Development
Retain, Engage & Deploy your Workforce with a Skills-first Approach
L&D leaders are under pressure to close skill gaps and prove the value of their programs. iMocha, integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, helps you map, measure, and optimize your talent like never before.

Listen to Thought Leaders on Changing Talent Landscape

Steven Hunt
Chief Expert Technology & Work, SAP
Estelle Maione
Head of Capgemini Global Learning & Capgemini University
Jonathan Kestenbaum
Managing Director of Technology Strategy & Partnerships, AMS
Vishwanadh Raju
Head of Talent Acquisition Operations, ANSR
Prabhakaran Murugaiah
Global Head - Strategic Alliances, iMocha

iMocha + SAP: Transform your Workforce
with Skills Intelligence Cloud™

Attract, retain and engage ALL talent -
internal & external

Skills-first Approach

Map internal & external skills, identifying strengths and gaps across your entire talent landscape.

Future-proof Talent Forecast

Predict upcoming skill demands and adapt your workforce strategy for tomorrow's needs.

Targeted Upskilling & Reskilling

Design personalized development programs to unlock hidden potential within your existing workforce.

Intelligent Sourcing

Attract top talent with AI-powered skills matching, finding the perfect fit faster and more efficiently.

Seamless Integration

Connect seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass for unified data and streamlined workflows.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed talent decisions based on real-time insights and predictive analytics.

Why integrate SAP & iMocha for Total Talent Acquisition?

Leverage the powerful synergy between iMocha's skills-first hiring approach and seamless integration with SAP to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy. By combining iMocha's meticulous skill assessment methodology with SAP's robust platform, you'll not only ensure a streamlined and effective recruitment process but also elevate the overall candidate experience. This collaborative solution empowers you to identify top-tier talent efficiently, fostering a seamless and impactful hiring journey that aligns with your organizational goals.

Get Centralized Workflow for Total Workforce Recruitment 

Streamline your recruitment process with a centralized workflow, ensuring seamless coordination for hiring across your entire workforce.

Drive AI-driven Automated Talent Pool Management

Utilize AI-driven automation to efficiently build and manage a talent pool, enabling quick access to skilled candidates.

Enhance Employer Branding 

Boost your employer brand by delivering an exceptional candidate experience and creating a strong talent pipeline.

Skills-first Candidate Screening 

Go beyond resumes and hire candidates by prioritizing skills-first screening, ensuring the selection of candidates with the right expertise.

Unbiased Screening Process 

Promote fairness and diversity through an unbiased screening process that adheres to best practices.

High-quality interview experience

Facilitate effective interviews and communication, fostering productive interactions with candidates for better hiring outcomes.

How iMocha and SAP Work Together

iMocha and SAP team up effortlessly, combining accurate skill assessment from iMocha with SAP's strong workforce management foundation. This partnership enhances hiring outcomes and ensures candidates have a great experience throughout the process.

How iMocha and SAP Work Together

Bringing Recruitment to Life: Seamless Talent Integration

  1. TalentFlow for a Streamlined, Centralized Process
  2. Get a single source of truth on skill proficiency
  3. AI-driven Automated Pre-assessment Talent Pool
  4. Extensive Ready-to-use Skills Assessment Library
  5. AI-powered Fraud Detection & Cheating Prevention
  6. Custom assessment creation as per your needs
  7. Microsite for Versatile Candidate Engagement
  8. Live Interviews with Coding and Whiteboarding capabilities
  9. Easy, intuitive analytics for better talent decisions

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