Solutions for Telecom Businesses

Helping Telecom Businesses Embrace Digital Transformation

Telecom businesses use iMocha to speed up their Digital Transformation, with a focus on IoT & Connected Tech, 5G Networks, Cloud services, and AI & ML.
Optimize your Team Development
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Talent Acquisition

Find your Telecom specialists

  • Reduce Interview time by shortlisting only relevant candidates
  • Save hiring manager’s time
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Accurately measure the skill proficiencies
  • Benchmark skills against the Telecom industry standards
  • Create custom assessments to assess for the latest telecom skills

Remote hiring

University hiring

Lateral hiring

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Talent development

Develop your Telecom experts

  • Upskill your workforce for skills related to IoT & Connected Tech, 5G Networks, Cloud services, and AI & ML
  • Create custom assessments that are tailored as per the learning path
  • Skill Gap Analysis - get detailed reports of  employees' strengths and weaknesses
  • Create an engaging upskilling experience to ensure high adoption by employees
  • Create custom assessments to assess for the latest telecom skills

Upskilling and Reskilling ROI

Internal mobility

Certification programs

How iMocha helps Telecom
Client Feedback

How Ericsson aced its L&D initiatives with iMocha

iMocha helped in archieving the goal of upskilling our workforse. We can now serve our customers better.
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Case Study


A leading IT services company matched the right resources with the right projects

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