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iMocha is US FedRAMP authorized, EEOC, and GDPR compliant assessment platform

Our AI-powered Digital Skills Assessment Platform helps Public Sector companies hire job-fit employees across the globe, without having to worry about that region’s compliances and regulations

  • Inclusion of all job roles
    Why Non-Profit Organizations Love iMocha

    For any Job-Role, leverage customization of assessments as required: 

    iMocha allows customization of assessments in 4 different ways:

    •   Use iMocha Library with a combination of their own questions

    •   Add multiple skills to the same assessment

    •   Add different types of questions in any assessment like Multiple Choice Questions, File Upload, AI-LogicBox, so on

    •   Leverage your existing exercises, assignments in our platform

    •   For all job-role our experts will deliver the custom assessments in the fastest possible time

  • Innovations for IT services
    Flexibility to Customize the Platform to Suit Global Compliances

    As hiring takes place across multiple geographies, they have to adhere to different compliances. We provide customization as per the region’s compliances. For instance, in some states capturing image of the candidates (image proctoring) is not allowed. Whereas it is allowed in some states. Any organization that uses our platform in more than 2 states, where the rules differ, can rest assured that that state’s rules are complied with.

  • Innovations for IT services
    Ensure Unbiased Hiring:

    Unbiased Hiring is especially important for Public Sector companies, NGOs and Government Organizations. One way we prevent biases is at the assessment level, where our robust Test Creation process ensures all our questions are Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliant.

    The platform also ensures that every candidate’s personally identifiable information is masked so that there are no biases while evaluating their assessments.

  • Innovations for IT services
    Ensure Assessment Integrity with AI-powered Anti Cheating Measures:

    With remote hiring on the rise, it is critical for organizations to ensure that the candidate who is supposed to be taking the assessment is the one who’s taking it. To ensure the integrity of the assessments being taken, remote proctoring has become the need of the hour. Of all the iMocha cheating prevention measures, image and video capturing are most preferred by these organizations in such cases.

    They help to validate that only genuine candidates are taking the assessment, and during the assessments there are no instances of fraudulent measures.

  • We cover all skills assessments
    1-Click Integrations Available for your Preferred Solution

    Irrespective of the preferred choice of Applicant Tracking System, iMocha can be quickly integrated with any of them. A host of top ATS are already integrated with iMocha, including Workable, Greenhouse, iCIMS, Bullhorn, SmartRecruiter, among others.

    Apart from ATS, any other solution (LMS) that they use can also be quickly integrated with iMocha.

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