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Hire job-fit candidates anytime, anywhere with 2,000+ online proctored assessments, real-time video interview, live coding interviews, intuitive reports & more!
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What makes imocha different
The world’s largest skills assessment library
We provide over 100,000 questions, 2000+ ready skills including Cloud, UiPath, BluePrism, AI/ML, IoT, Analytics & BI, Blockchain, Mobile & more. Innovative LogicBox provides coding questions in all languages from Salesforce to RPA skills where online IDE is not possible to help you evaluate skills of candidates faster.

Remotely hire job-fit tech talent faster
Conduct real-time video interviews with best in class cloud IDE with 28+ languages, SQL simulators, code pairing, code replay & its analysis. Ensure that the integrity of your assessments is not compromised with advanced cheating prevention techniques such as audio and video proctoring.

Ensure better on the job performance
Hire job-fit & value-fit candidates with our 2000+ customizable assessments. Customize the skills assessment (or ask our 24*7 support team to create custom assessment) specific to your job-description & evaluate skills like tech, coding, cognitive ability, personality, communication, soft skills for 360-degree candidate assessment.
What happens when you work with imocha!
“ imocha helped us to cut down on our candidate shortlisting time by 40%, making it our preferred assessment software. ”

- Pedro Furtado

Capacity Manager, Altran

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