Smart Video Proctoring

Smart Video Proctoring

Explore the advantages of using a Smart Video Proctoring and how it can help you with fair and objective candidate assessment. Learn more here.

What is Smart Video Proctoring?

Smart video proctoring is streaming or automatic recording of a candidate's entire remote assessment session using a webcam. The auto-proctoring technique lets test administrators closely monitor video details for suspicious activities during an online assessment.

Using a video feed, the webcam captures the candidate and their surroundings in real-time, storing the footage on the cloud for later review. Authorized personnel is granted access to the recorded version, allowing them to check for anomalies during the online test. Video proctoring ensures the integrity of online exams by detecting cheating, providing that candidates are evaluated fairly and accurately.

What are the Types of Smart Video Proctoring?

Smart video proctoring technology has evolved into three primary categories, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the correct type of proctoring depends on the individual or organization's needs and objectives.

  • Live Online Proctoring - Live online proctoring involves a human proctor monitoring the examination in real time. The human monitor can assist and detect cheating through audio and video feeds. However, this method has fewer automated tools.
  • Recorded Proctoring - Recorded proctoring involves recording the examination session for later evaluation by a proctor. The proctor can play back the material at different speeds and use automated proctoring tools to detect cheating, making it a more automated solution than live online proctoring.
  • Advanced Automated Proctoring - Advanced automated proctoring is the most sophisticated method. The software records and analyzes the examination, detecting any instances of cheating, such as opening a different tab or program. The sessions can be viewed in real-time or later, offering flexibility to the human proctoring side.

Choosing the right video proctoring solution depends on the level of automation required and the need for human interaction.

Advantages of Smart Video Proctoring

The three primary benefits of smart video proctoring for organizations are:

  1. Global Reach - With the rise of online tests, organizations have access to a worldwide pool of candidates. Online testing doesn't require a certified proctoring center, which makes it scalable and accessible. The availability of digital tools allows for maintaining academic integrity and prevents cheating. It leads to a more diverse and competitive pool of employees that weren't available before.
  1. Efficient Management - Resource allocation is a crucial aspect of any business. Video proctoring is an automated solution that saves time and money. Companies can use these tools to administer certifications or tests, promoting business growth. These proctoring tools are efficient, ensure safety, and detect different cheating forms. The tests' integrity is preserved, just like traditional forms of test-taking and assessment.
  1. Rich Features - From face detection and cheating intensity identification to cheating context comprehension, smart video proctoring comes with advanced features and analytics. For instance, iMocha's proctoring tool allows recruiters to disable copy-pasting of answers to prevent question leakage. Ultimately, video proctoring enhances the testing experience for everyone involved, making it a reliable solution for a fair and objective evaluation.

Looking for advanced AI-enabled Proctoring features? Leverage iMocha's smart proctoring suite to ensure integrity of remote assessments.

Terms Related to Smart Video Proctoring

  • Automated Proctoring: It is a software-based solution that utilizes AI and machine learning to monitor and detect suspicious behavior during online exams.
  • Video Monitoring: It is a surveillance system that captures video footage to monitor and detect any misconduct during online exams and assessments.
  • Online Test Supervision: It is the monitoring and management of remote tests to maintain the integrity of the examination.
  • Secure Testing - It implements various security measures to ensure the test-taking process is free of fraud and other irregularities.
  • Remote Proctoring Software - It is a software solution designed to monitor and maintain the security of online tests administered remotely.
  • Test Integrity - It refers to the validity and reliability of exam results, ensuring that they are accurate and reflect the abilities of the exam taker.
  • AI Proctoring - It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor and flag suspicious behavior during exams.
  • Facial Recognition Technology - It is a biometric authentication technology that verifies the identity of the exam taker by analyzing their facial features.

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