One-Way Video Interview

One-Way Video Interview

Learn about one-way video interview - what they are, the types, and why they matter in talent acquisition. Read on for valuable insights.

One-Way Video Interview

A one-way video interview is a pre-recorded interview where a candidate record answers to required questions on a camera. The process relies on video technology; the potential employer usually offers the questions in advance. There is typically a time limit to answer each question, and the video gets automatically recorded, which employers can watch according to their feasibility.


One-way video interviews are a part of video recruiting and are used extensively to screen candidates for the initial hiring stages. Then, based on the pre-recorded interviews, the employer invites selected candidates for further rounds of interviews. Companies today rely on tools like these to simplify screening and assessing processes.


One-way video interviews help recruiters and organizations review candidates for their personality, communication skills, and talent for a particular role. Besides helping businesses save time, pre-recorded interviews also help save money and improve standard hiring processes.

How does a one-way video interview work?

The employer selects potential candidates and sends them a list of questions with necessary instructions, including a time limit to answer each question. Candidates answer the questionnaire on camera, relying on a video platform selected by the employer. The employer relies on the video for further assessment.

Important points to note:

  1. The candidate can complete a one-way video interview from anywhere and anytime.
  1. The candidate must adhere to the deadline for submitting the interview
  1. The candidate will usually have a test link for answering the questions
  1. Depending on the platform, the questions are displayed on the screen
  1. Candidates can practice the interview and check audio and other details before submission  

With AI-powered skills-assessment tools, employers can test candidates for thousands of skills. Advanced tools allow candidates to practice with a demo question, besides setting a time limit for each question. Today’s all-powerful platforms also specify the number of retakes a candidate can take for the interview.

Why do employers use one-way video interviews?

There are several benefits of one-way video interviews, including –

  1. The scope to interview multiple candidates at once without trying to fix schedules or checking for availability.
  1. The convenience of checking various qualities and skills of candidates before scheduling in-person interviews.
  1. The option to interview candidates regardless of their location. If candidates excel in a one-way video interview, the employer can invite them for additional rounds.
  1. One-way video interviews also allow companies to evaluate the tech skills of each candidate, including their ability to work remotely, participate in video meetings, and use available technology for productive work.
  1. The process also allows interested candidates to appear for interviews that are otherwise hard to manage due to distance and time zones. 
  1. Video recruiting via pre-recorded interviews also saves recruiters valuable time in managing interviews in person.
  1. With one-way video interviews, it is also possible to reduce the costs related to typical in-office interviews, including the cost of traveling.
  1. The process also allows a fair chance for each candidate as everyone answers the same set of questions within the same time frame, easing the evaluation process for employers.
  1. There is no implicit bias in pre-recorded interviews, and candidates can choose to present themselves in the best manner.
  1. It improves memory and eases the job of hiring managers who can refer to one-way video interviews at various points of the recruitment process.

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Terms related to One-way video interviews

  • Video recruitment - The use of video technology to conduct interviews, showcase company culture, and provide an immersive recruitment experience to candidates.
  • Practice Test - A form of assessment that allows individuals to test their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a simulated environment before taking a real test.
  • Pre-recorded interviews - A recruitment method that enables hiring managers to review candidate interviews at their own pace, eliminating scheduling conflicts and allowing for greater flexibility in the hiring process.
  • Live video interviews - A real-time, virtual interview that enables candidates and employers to connect and interact regardless of location.
  • Pre-selected questions - A standardized set of questions that enable hiring managers to compare candidates based on their responses to the same questions.
  • Video interviews - A recruitment tool that uses video technology to assess candidates remotely, improving the efficiency and scalability of the hiring process.
  • Video assessment- A method of evaluating candidates using video technology to assess their performance in simulated or real-world scenarios.
  • Employer branding videos - A form of content marketing that showcases an organization's culture, values, and employer value proposition to attract and retain top talent.

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