A comprehensive assessment platform, that is easy to use and customizable.

Enterprise Assessment Platform
Maker Checker Process
Validity and Reliability of Assessments
Validity is the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure. It is vital for a test to be valid in order for the results to be accurately applied and interpreted. Reliability is the degree to which an assessment tool produces stable and consistent results, under the same circumstances.
iMocha ensures that each one of our tests go through a proven Validity and Reliabilityprocess in order to be competent and bias-free.
Effective question types
Bring freshness to your skill assessment tests by using innovative question types like LogicBox, Customer Excellence Framework, Coding Simulator, File Upload, and Audio questions. Besides these, we have MCQs (Multiple choice questions), MAQs (Multiple answer questions), Fill in the blanks, True or false, Descriptive questions, etc.
Question Type
Video Question Screen
Video interview questions
One-way video interview questions enhance your ability to analyze candidates’ personality, body language, gestures and communications before actually meeting with them. Each video question can be assigned a time limit and a fixed number of attempts. Easily compare video responses of different candidates and determine their suitability for desired positions.
Truly custom tests
Using our recruitment assessment tools, enjoy the flexibility to create a test to suit your requirements by selecting the test duration, no. of questions, and the questions as well. You can create a test with iMocha questions, your own questions, or simply a combination of both.
Configure Setting
Configure your test settings
Set up the test in alignment with your requirements. Edit the test name, select - test type, cut off percentage, question settings, message settings, and more. Your tests can be shared with teammates as well.
Invitation options
Create test links for each test and select your invitation options. For campus and bulk hiring, you can use Open link URL - which is a shareable link and can be attempted by anyone who gets it. For other hirings, you can use Invite only - which means only the candidates invited through email for the test can attempt it.
Invite Candidate
Employer Branding
Advanced employer branding
Reflect your brand with numerous white labeling options like company URL, logo, email templates for candidate communication, email domain, customized test and section instructions, landing page before and after test completion and more.