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How Verticalmove, Inc by increased usage by 100% and practically transformed their business using iMocha’s technical insights

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  • Difficulty in delivering job-fit candidate
  • Apprehensions about candidates’ identity
  • Multiple hiring cycles, to arrive at job fit candidates
  • Low test attempts to invites ratio
  • Accurate image verification supplemented with advanced window violation warning system
  • Quick and insightful candidate reports
  • Assessments based on Job Descriptions delivered within 24-48 hours
"We went from a recruiting agency that focused on IT to a technically sound recruiting agency with numbers to support why we're submitting candidates, with complete test backings. iMocha is the best bank for the buck. There is nothing iMocha doesn’t provide.”

Ian Freeman, Director of Business Development, Verticalmove Inc.

About Verticalmove, Inc

Verticalmove, Inc is a Staffing and Recruiting agency based in Arizona, USA. They have been building IT, Product and Software Engineering teams since 1998. They strive to deliver proficient recruits to wide-ranging companies, be it global Fortune 50 brands or emerging start-ups. Their exceptional services of Executive Search, Direct Hire, Contract-based hiring and RPO are spread across many industries such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Telecom as well as Software.

The Challenge

Having lost a significant chunk of their sales team while struggling to catch up with digital transformation, Verticalmove, Inc was left with a lot on the plate with less resources. At this moment, they turned to iMocha to fill gaps that could be expected to widen.

Hiring adept candidates

While resume screening is among the primary steps in hiring, it is seldom fruitful in capturing candidates who actually meet job requirements. Moreover, manual one-to-one interviews are always time consuming and may not always reflect candidates’ potential to create the desired dent. Verticalmove, Inc was struggling to source candidates who are not just skilled on paper but also in practice. Their clients were not satisfied with the candidates delivered to them, sighting incompetency of candidates in meeting skills’ requirements. For example, candidate hired for coding was not sufficiently skilled at it. This needed to be resolved soon.

Apprehensive about candidates’ identity:

One of the major problems was rooted in doubts about candidates’ real identity. Verticalmove, Inc found it hard to confirm whether the assessment was being run through the same candidate who was formally registered. They were looking for a reliable proctoring system.

Redundancy and repetition to arrive at job-fit candidates

In order to finally stop their radar on a skill-fit candidate, Verticalmove, Inc had to go through multiple iterations of assessments. It was after many cycles of tests that Verticalmove, Inc could shortlist the job-ready candidates for their clients.

Low test attempts to invites ratio

Verticalmove, Inc was struggling with an unsatisfactory attempt to invites ratio. They wanted not only to increase their extent of sourcing, but also the proportion of attempts reaped from that sourcing.

The Solution

In the midst of the Covid-19 aftermath, when businesses were rebuilding to keep pace with remote work and to hire candidates from across digital screens, iMocha’s skill assessment framework improved hiring efficiency significantly and helped Verticalmove, Inc in following ways:

Advanced Proctoring verified candidates’ image and video with high reliability, thereby improving the sourcing efficiency by 80%. The Window Violation Warning System enabled Verticalmove, Inc to spare no extra chances to candidates who would violate test window more than once. They are now placing high trust on the iMocha assessed candidates.

Real time data in addition to deep insights into candidate performance enabled Verticalmove, Inc to back their decisions with solid evidence. This helped them to upscale their business to a new standing. They are redefining their marketing strategies by leveraging technical insights that measure candidates’ performance to the last mile.

iMocha’s Customer Success Team helped Verticalmove, Inc navigate through expired invites and revamp their visibility. They could recover from the sunk cost of expired invites by converting them to attempts. Thus, adding to their candidate sourcing.

The Result

Verticalmove, Inc has been able to eliminate almost 90% of the vetting out of the hiring procedure. They are now getting more people to take, attempt and pass their assessment, i.e., their usage has increased by 100%. They are witnessing increasingly positive feedback from their clients. Moreover, Verticalmove Inc’s hold over candidate screening has become so strong, that now they can almost predict whether a candidate will get hired, solely based on test scores.

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